Aug 31, 2009

air dry clay

"i get bored with one medium and must move on to another to keep my muse happy"

the lovely tammy which also happens to be one the inspiration avenue gals (and admin ;P) said that in her last post. i am so agreeing with that!

so, ladies and gentlemen, presenting ... air-dry clay :)

these have been stamped and painted with acrylics and distressed. the lighter colored ones are highlighted with pearl.

i found this fabulous contraption in the bead bar and it's a bookmark! how hip is this! i'm thinking, you can even turn this into a pendant adornment!

speaking of pendants ... here are a couple made from DAS air dry clay

word's worth

earth flower

hippy chic

of old

gypsy rose

of course these are all in my new etsy shop "ithilien" :)

and i can't wait to make something out of this baby here ... she turned out surprisingly beautiful in an ugly sense ... but i really like her :) at the moment ... her name is terraine.

hmmm... did anyone notice that all my stuff are in blue or green, or blue&green??? at the moment i really can't see any other colors beyond this two ... and brown...

on a different note ...
today is malaysia's 52nd birthday :) so ...



and i'm approaching my 100th post! the next one will be IT! so watch out for giveaways!! :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. beautiful work luthien, and i happen to be a bit like you in the respect of trying new things... i am at least trying to be a bit practical by choosing things that don't break me financially! :o) looks like you are having great fun...

  2. Oh! So you can make pretty things with air dry clays as well as you can with the bake kinds! I'll have to use the air dry ones I have laying around then. :)

    Those are just so pretty! And I certainly don't mind seeing all the blues and greens since those are my favorite colors. ;)

  3. Love the air dry clay pendants that you've made. Trying new things is a lot of fun. I've collected many craft supplies over the years trying new things. Now I'm using them in new ways, like using my old stamps on polymer clay instead of paper...trying to get my money's worth out of all those supplies.

  4. wow, they are gorgeous, i love all of them! i've never worked with this type of clay, sounds like fun and the results are stunning.

  5. oh, i forgot, i love blues and greens, my fav colors!

  6. maire :)
    thank you! i must agree with you on the choosing things that don't break me financially! LOL!! i feel it ... i totally feel it! i've been constantly buying supplies for the past month. i should stop ... right after i go to the craft store one last time this afternoon ;)

    merily :)
    thank you! oh yea... you can do the same to air dry as well. but they give you a totally different feel. you just want to go "earth" with these. with polymer it's more "glamorous" becos of the pearl ex and all. but i actually really like the "feel" of air dry... very natural.

    gayle :)
    thank you! i can relate to that! my supplies are piling up too. i have this habit of buying more than i need (just in case i screw up) so i always end up with loads and loads of extras. but yea... after a long time, when certain things magically reappear to me again, i actually see them in a different light. it's a joy to rediscover supplies and reinvent things.

    marbella D :)
    thank you! this is also the first time i've worked with air dry :) never thought of trying them cos i didn't know what i could do with them altho i've been seeing air dry in the craft store for ages. but now ... woohoo ... infinite possibilities!

    and i'm so glad so many like blues and greens too :)) hihihi!

  7. oh fabulous! My favorite is the Of Old! Congratulations on your next post, the 100th one! expecting the giveaways!

  8. Luthien,
    These are all so very beautiful.
    You're very talented! I love all of your creations.
    You've inspired me!
    I'm going to attempt to make some
    danglers/pendants/ jewellery
    in my mediums.... concrete, hypertufa & papercrete It wouldn't be any heavier than the clay. The nice part is that it's the cheapest medium of all, lol. :)
    Great work Luthien! :)
    Have a nice day!

  9. hey cynths :)
    thank you! i love of old too :) when i finished that i was like ... wow ... it's so ... old! LOL!

    hey lisanne :)
    thank you! you are so very kind :) and just made my day!! LOL!! really?? are your mediums less expensive? i must go and research on them .. i didn't know what hypertufa was until i saw your gorgeous carving! it looks darn difficult! but yes ... i should go and look it up cos you've got me curious now!

  10. Well that is great Luthien!!!
    Isn't this wonderful?
    We have inspired each other then! :)))

  11. I love your air dry clay pendants. I didn't know there was such a thing. As for all your colors being blue-green, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that gets stuck on certain colors at times.

  12. I'll have to try out some of that air dry clay. Hmmmm....

  13. Hiya, love these so much, could you tell me the sealer and tints you've used as I'm having real trouble finding the right ones x

  14. Hiya, love these so much, could you tell me the sealer and tints you've used as I'm having real trouble finding the right ones x

  15. Hiya, would you mind sharing your tint and sealer details as I'm struggling with my air dry clay finishing off.
    I think yours are just amazing! X

  16. Hi, How do you distressed these?
    they are great!

    1. hi Marion :)
      I use acrylic paint. Apply the color for the higher areas first then when that dries, apply the 2nd color into the textured areas. Use a damp cloth to gently wipe off the 2nd paint color should it get to some of the high areas.


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