Aug 16, 2009

my first ploymer clay project

AHH ... my first completed creation with polymer clay :) it's done and i really love it! from my last post you all know that i made some delicious looking candies and chocolates and i said i was going to use them in something else ... well here it is!

i mounted the polymer candies on this ... a piece of driftwood

and made it into a tealight and incense holder :)

had a bit of a dilemma tho ... i had the main parts made and baked so all i had to do was to mount them on the driftwood with super strong glue. however i wanted to add a couple of "extensions" on the wood itself so that i could prop the tealight holders up securely. also i wanted to add some embellishments on the wood itself. initially i thought that the clay would just stick to the wood. well ... as i discovered, it doesn't. i googled and found out that it's because the wood surface is porous. so i actually used all-purpose white glue to attach the uncooked clay onto the wood!

and then, another dilemma. how would the glue AND the driftwood behave in the oven at 135C ??!! would the driftwood go on fire? would the white glue melt and my clay embellishments start to fall off the wood? but i still had to try ... otherwise i'll never know.

as it turns out ... i have nothing to fear :) all of the things i thought would happen, didn't happen and i learned a bit more about polymer clay :)

i had to include the colorful beads i made. and i thought ... well i made holes through them (for stringing of course) ... i could actually turn them into incense holders if i glued them "hole-up" :)

i just couldn't leave out some of my "old time pepermint" looking beads. with some simple twirling of wire (i'm no expert!) i managed to dangled a couple of beads just off the high end of the driftwood. the girl at the craft shop said that these wire were good quality ones and no matter how much you bend them or use pliers on them, they would still SHINE ~ she's right!

as always ... love to hear what you think :) and if there are anymore things i need to know about polymer clay... PLS TELL ME!!! :))

happy pimping! :)


  1. So how did the wood and clay behave in the oven at 135c???
    That's such an inventive creation!

  2. hahaha!!! tali you're always too fast for me!!! i made a mistake of punching the "enter" key so my post got published even before i completed it! well ... it's complete now :) and nothing catastrophic happened in my oven! :)) thank goodness!

  3. These are just too cool! The colors are amazing and they just look so fun!

  4. Wow, that is so incredibly cool! It's both natural and funky; I love it!

    I was wondering if you cooked the wood with the clay; I'm always so afraid of something catching fire in my oven, but I bake my clay on index cards and those have yet to even singe. :)

  5. Luthien, you are so not afraid of color!! I love what you have done and the drift wood is very pretty.

  6. luthien, you never fail to amaze me ^^ These are so cute, fun and gives a happy feeling :)

    Hey, mind making a tutorial for this? :P

  7. This is really fab and funky - I love the lips! I love your experimental spirit Luthien - I always learn something new visiting your blog. I think I'd have been scared to put the clay in the oven with the wood, in case all my hard work melted away or something!!

  8. sherry & melissa,
    thank you for your kind comments!! :)

    merily :)
    thank you! oh yea... i cooked the driftwood too :) nothing catastrophic happened :) so that's a relief!

    brenda :)
    thank you! i love colors!! :) they make me happy. but also depends on my mood during the creating process :))

    shera :)
    thank you! LOL!!! i'm still learning about the process myself... tutorials will have to wait until i get better at this ;) but anything you wanna know just gimme a buzz ;)always willing to share .. provided i know the it too!!

    angie :)
    thank you!! i love experimenting... goodness knows how many things i've ruined! but that's the most exciting part ... LOL! mayb i'm just a kid :)

  9. I really don't know much about polymer clay, but this looks adorable! Great job!



  10. Woe, this is fabulous Luthien!! You're so amazing at experimenting and your projects always come out so great!♥

  11. hey cynths :)
    lol!! neither do i at this moment!! but thank you!

    hey sharon :)
    thank you :) i think this one came out a bit loud! :))

  12. Wow Luthien, what a massive project you have taken on but how great does it look - mounting your creations on the driftwood was such a great idea, now you have a real interesting centre piece for your dining table and its functional too! Very well done buddy, how cool to be doing new things and have them turn out so well - keep up the great creativity, cheers Val xoxo

  13. I love that you're branching out and what a great idea to use driftwood. Oh my, where did you get such a big piece though? I've never found anything on our side of the ocean but small pieces. Guess all the souvenir shops must get the bigger pieces quickly. xxoo

  14. hey val :)
    thank you for coming over! and thank you for the sweet comment :)LOL! it's not as massive as it looks... this was made in a span of a few days and the best thing was i didn't know how or where it would end up when i was making the little pieces. i think that's why it didn't seem like a massive undertaking. so glad it turned out alright in the end tho :))

    hey carolyn :)
    thank you my fren! i get bored so easily i'm constantly looking for new stuff to get my hands on :) that's why my mom says that i will never be a master of any skills! we get lots of big driftwood pieces here ... well.. but you're right... we gotta buy them from the aquatic shops or the gift shops :)

  15. it looks good enough to eat :)
    beautiful, colorful, playful, fun

  16. hello kimmie :))
    thank you for visiting me!! i'm soooo thrilled :)) and thanks for the sweet comment on my polymer "candies" :))


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