Aug 1, 2009

5 degrees of inspiration...

WOOHOO!! it's party time :)

first of all, i hope everyone's gonna have a great time visiting each other and getting inspired :) i know i can't wait!! don't get too drunk tho :P
and secondly ... good luck with the giveaways!!!

5 degrees of inspiration ... what are mine :)

1. colors definitely inspire me ...
especially during my costuming days :)
~ i just heart the combination/s of shocking pink/lime green/neon orange/vivid turquoise ... and if they were fluorescent, even better!
~ on the softer side i love combining dusky pinks/heath greens/beiges ... i think this must be the most romantic combination (with a country feel) EVER ...
~ but if you ask me what my favorite colors are ... green~blue and every tone in-between!

this must be one of my favorite costumes ... if you take a closer look ... the psychedelic fabric is from a curtain collection that ikea use to carry. i loved it so much i actually made 4 sets (male/female) of costumes with them, and of course they were in orange, pink, blue and green :)) what else?

2. certain eras inspire me ... most notably the 70's, the 60's, the 1900s and the medieval era
~ i use a lot of 60's 70's themes in my costumes and in my shows (as illustrated above :) )
~ i love injecting some "hippiness" and some "vintage" in my art and crafts
~ i wish i could do more with the medieval tho :( ... well ... i did make a really watered-down court gown once :P does that count?

3. i am a deviant art & 3D fantasy art fan ... absolutely inspired by the art of this genre
~ my favorite 3D fantasy art site is called fantasy art design. it's a collection of many talented 3D artists' works ... a really awesome site. if you also like 3D fantasy art, you must visit!
~ deviant art ... i love surreal and fantasylike landscapes, dark and futuristic depictions of architectural structures and the female form. i am constantly in awe of the details that artists of this genre present in their work. but even more than that, are the concepts that they come up with and the messages and soul that go with the concepts. here's an example of luis royo's work ... white angel

4. britain inspires me ...
or perhaps 'europe' inspires me but i dare not say that ... yet ... cos i've never been to other countries in europe except for the UK. i found peace and joy and inspiration from places like the glens and lochs of scotland, the quaint little townships and lakes of windermere, the rugged welsh coasts and the vast and mystical landscapes of cornwall and devon. ahhh... even by the mention of these places sends a burst of yearning in my heart. lol! you can say that i took up folk art to satisfy my "english cravings" :)

5. movies, books and characters (the fantasy and sci-fi ones) definitely inspire me!
~ i swoon over characters like mr spock of star trek, edward cullen of twilight, aragorn of LOTR, severus snape of harry potter ... call me whatever you like, but the fact is, these characters inspire me!
~ i have read the twilight saga 5 times? harry potter 1,2,3 about 7 times? (becos these were my fav and they were short!) , the david eddings' series so many times i've lost count!
~ but the worst was star trek ... i gave them 5 ticket sales as an individual audience ... *sigh*

and these were what came out from my obsessions...

i hope you've enjoyed yourself here :) do come by again even when there's no party ... we can always make art together ;P

happy partying! :)


  1. Hi Luthien, thanks for dropping by and admiring my tatting. I'm love crafts and pretty things, as you must have found out... but i didn't make the dolls (Little Annies). I only wish I had one from the numerous giveaways. One day, maybe.

    I love your celtic book. It's really nice.

  2. Hi Luthien!

    Love your post - my, my - you are so multi-talented - just what don't you do? LOL Your energy, thoughtfulness, spirit and creativity inspires me and I'm so happy to get to know a little more about what inspires you!

    Big Hugs to you!

    Dawn xox♥

  3. Great post Luthien - I love your costume in the first photo - that's so eye-catching and amazing! I love your folk art painting too - I didn't know you did that - it's really gorgeous (and terribly "English" lol!)

  4. Wonderful costume for the party! Are you ready to be jealous - I'm off to Cornwall in a few weeks for a well-earned holiday. Picture me strolling the streets of St Ives soaking up all that artistic ambience!

    Then, I am beginning to organise our Christmas party for work - the theme.... Sci-Fi!

    I am with you too on all the fairies and elves - let's open our wings and take flight!

  5. Good Morning Luthien,
    What a very fun post! And I'm so glad to get to learn more about what inspires you!

    Wishing you a very Happy Blog Post Day!


  6. The costume colors are just amazing. Now I am wanting to create something colorful today! See, inspiration at it's best!!


  7. Luthien, I just love your art cabinet. It is gorgeous! Great party!

  8. Where do your talents end Luthien!! I'm constantly amazed and inspired by your immense creativity!! I love your costumes - wow!!! You know how much I love your work in your Etsy shop too!!! xx

  9. oh my goodness! is there anything you can't do?? i love your art cabinet, the costumes are phenomenal and the rest - oh my goodness. i think i know where to look when i need a gift for my tolkein-crazed hubby.

  10. I love those costumes-I can see them dancing across the floor under a disco ball. You are so talented.

    Having lots of fun at the party. Must go to see more.

    (I love David Edding, too, and fantasy art, and sci-fi.)

  11. Thank you Luthien for visiting me today...although I'm new to this blogging world, I feel welcomed and inspired to continue creating my little vignettes around and about my home. Party on....


  12. Oh Luthien this was just amazing!! Almost as amazing as you my dear friend!! Your love for art and life and constantly inspiring to me, every day!!
    Thank you so much for the beautiful way you shared the magic that sparks your creative soul!♥

  13. I love your inspirations! Colors are such a great thing to be inspired by, and I love those costumes! That's so cool that you're inspired by history- I love history, but it's not something I've based any art on yet. :)
    I'm jealous that you've been able to travel the UK- it sounds lovely!
    And yay for characters being inspiration! I'm into LotR, Harry Potter, and Star Trek, too! :D

  14. WOW!!! this is a fantastic party!! more fabulous than any party i've ever been! i'm soooo hyped from all the dancing and i think i must have put on like 5kgs from the delicious food?? LOL!!

    thank you ladies, for visiting me and leaving such wonderful, encouraging and uplifting comments!! it's been a pleasure to go and see everyone's inspiration and work and i have indeed learned a great deal from all of you. thank you!!

    i'm truly honored to be in the company of a group of such talented and supportive ladies of IA... i get the feeling that "nothing can stop us now!" we could actually paint the world red if we wanted to... and it'll be a bl**dy artistic lookin' world too!!!

    and to our leader and friend sharon ... no words can express the respect and love i have for this superwoman, her constant motivation and encouragement to everyone, her tireless efforts in keeping us together and most of all ... her friendship! you absolutely rock sharon!

    well... i shall continue to dance the day away ... i'm really enjoying this you know :D hihihi!!

  15. This was fun reading! I'm right with you on Harry Potter - I also prefer the first three.
    Hope you'll be able to visit other countries in Europe at some point! I've always wanted to see the UK and Ireland properly.

  16. This is a truely inspiring blog...Your book blew me away. Thank you for the invite and comments...
    They meant so much to a new blogger like me :)

  17. Fantastic reading, I enjoy a fair number of things you do as well. LOVE what you create, your blog is so well done too!

  18. hey trudi :)
    i hope so too :)) so want to visit europe !!

    hey priti.lisa :)
    love your name!! thank you :))

    hey patty :)
    thank you so much and thank you for visiting me!! :)

  19. Did I forget to leave you a comment the day of the party???? OMG!!! I was here!! See what age does to you (and too much wine the night before) ??? I'll bet it was one of the times I walked away before I typed the comment then when I came back I just assumed I had left the comment!!! OMG I can't believe I did that to you my sweet friend :o( bad, bad Michele!!! Well you know I wouldn't have NOT come I was here!! and you know that I am always inspired by your beautiful artwork! I know how much you love color it shows in the wonderful way you use it in your artwork. Also the fantasy you are inspired by shows in your work. Well again, I'm so so sorry!!! I totally thought I had left you a comment that day!! xo

  20. erm... it's ok... all i did was cry my eyes out ...


    LOL!!! no worries my dear fren!! i know i know... it was like a little crazy on that day and everyone's leaving everyone messages and i dun even know if i missed out any :)) plsssss dun feel bad :)) it's all good it's all good :))) HUGS!!!

  21. The The Palette.... oh my goodness. Whew.
    I think I just found my favorite Blog!!!

    Steph Jordan

  22. Oh good, I'm glad I'm not in too much trouble!!! I still feel aweful though!! :o( But I'm glad you understand :o) Big hug!!!


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