Aug 13, 2009

1 book, 2 premos, 3 watch faces = ...

experiment time!!!

i bought the book in the picture like 6 months ago becoz i fell in love with the beads featured inside. that was one of the reasons. the other reason was, it is a very easy book to follow, esp for first timers like me. i won't necessarily make beads or jewelry, i just wanted to learn the basics of polymer clay and this book is excellent :)

i have been thinking of playing with polymer clay for a while now. so when i received an sms from the craftshop i frequent, saying that new polymer clay stock has arrived ... i guess i dun have to tell you what happened. but ... i was a good girl ... i didn't buy a lot. i only bought 2 packs of 2oz premos. black and pearl.

as for the watch faces, they arrived in the mail today from sweetkate :)

well, i did play tonight :) it's 4:30am and i just finished playing and experimenting with the premos i bought. i made a couple of silly things which i shall attempt to bake in my oven tomorrow. we'll see if they disintegrate on me :p ... don't laugh ... presenting...

to the left ... a button :)
to the right ... an incense holder? hubby says it looks like a tortoise ... maybe it is ...
on top and bottom ... mistakes!

happy pimping! :)


  1. OMG woman!! Is there nothing you can't do??!! These came out beautifully Luthien, seriously!! I love the incense burner and immediately thought of a bead! I love them all and they'd be fabulous as beads in a necklace!! Oh, or that incense burner would make an awesome brooch!! (just a thought for the future) ;-)

    Wonderful work Luthien, you never cease to amaze me!

  2. I really like them! Especially the marbled button. You see, you're multi-talented Luthien - can turn your hand to anything! I love experimentng with new things too - in fact I have a felt-making kit that I bought about 2 years ago, you may have inspired me to dig it out and have a play! x

  3. How very pretty. I especialy love the stars pattern. The incense holder does look like a tortoise shell. It is always fun to experiment with new supplies. Have fun with it! I once made a lot of jewelry using polymer clay for acraft show that was really successful. Have not really created anything more than embellishments for my journals as of late, though.

  4. oh, i love the marble button!!!! so so nice~

  5. I really love your first time creations. They look great. You are an inspiration!

  6. No laughing here. Dang good for your first time out, but then again, we all know how talented you are. Love the button especially since I collect them. Will you be selling buttons anytime soon?


  7. First of all it was great to hear you bought Premo. It is an excellent polymer clay to work with and is very strong, so you don't need to worry about it disintegrating when baked. But like I recommend for all brands of clay, I would bake it for an hour at 265F - 275F instead of the half hour on the package. This makes for a much stronger product.

    I have hundreds of polymer clay articles on my blog that are geared towards beginners that I think you will find very helpful. There are also video tutorials and courses available.

    You can ask me any question you like there and I will answer best I can.

    You did an excellent job on your beads and buttons. I think you will enjoy working with polymer clay some more. You've got a lot of potential as a polymer clay bead maker.

  8. Ooooohhhh Luthien! Love that you used the pearl and black together! They look fabulous my dear!! You are so full of creativity, you rock!! xo

  9. hi ladies :))
    thank you for all your encouraging words :) lol!! you are ALL so sweet for telling me my first polymer creations are nice ...

    sharon :)
    hahaha!! you are right! i copied the incense holder design right off a bead!! but the brooch is a good idea :) one more thing to mess around with!

    angie :)
    awwww... that's an overstatement! i'm just messing around more these days that's all ... like a hyper active kid! felt-making sounds good!! my turn to wait for your new creations now ;)

    tammy :)
    yea... my hubby thinks i should put a head and tail and feet on the incense holder!! now... YOU are one lady that i know who is multi talented and can do anything!

    shera :)
    thank you! that's the most easy to make. it's just a mix of the 2 colors squashed together and then given 2 holes! sssshhhhh... dun tell anyone .. that button, was initially a "mistake" too ;)

    gayle :)
    awwwww.... that's so nice!! you are so very sweet! YOU my fren, is an inspiration :))

    bunny :)
    lol!!! you are tooo cute!! thank you!! selling 'em buttons?? *eyes wide* ... erm ... i think i need to practice a lot more with clay first :) tho you will be the first to know when i do ;)

    cindy :)
    WOW!!! thank you for leaving a comment! i am sooo honored and grateful! and thank you for the tips. i did visit your site and it was really filled with information ... definitely will be somewhere i'll go back to very very often! thank you once again :))

    michele :)
    thank you my fren ;) that was the easiest combination for me i think ... as a first timer, i have no idea what colors to choose ... so safest, black and white (or pearl in my case) ... of course i went back the next day and got all the neon colors!! spurred by all your encouraging comments!!!

  10. I love the little star!! I also love your new blog banner, it looks fantastic! Have a lovely weekend Luthien =)

  11. They are very pretty and I am jealous that you can make buttons and turtles! ;) Gina

  12. hey trudi :)
    thanks!! LOL! the little star was a mistake :) and it got burnt in the oven :( have a good weekend too :)

    hey gina :)
    thank you! LOL!!! but you can too!!


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