Jul 25, 2009

tea stained paper

over the week i've been checking out other artists' work on book and journal making because i'm just so stoked with this craft :) and i can tell you, some of the work i've seen is beyond belief! i've always loved anything ancient or worn, i'm sure most of you who have been looking at my work would know... cos most of the things i make are quite 'dark and dirty' lol!!

i first came across the term "tea stained" was through non-other than tammy's blog, art & inspiration. that was way back i think. at that time, i didn't think much about it, but thought that it was an interesting concept. well, at that time, i wasn't into book-making ... how times have changed!!! by the way, tammy makes the most beautiful journals and invitational cards :) lol!! i should go get tutorship from her :)

anyway, i tried out tea-staining some papers last night. i didn't research on how exactly to do it becos i wanted to try it my own way. just do what the term ask you to do ... stain paper with tea :) and i did, and i also tried out different ways of transferring tea water to paper. (i have to tell you this, i had totally forgotten that a friend gave me a small pack of organic english breakfast, my favorite tea, and because it was hidden waaaaaay back in the cupboard, it expired! BOO HOO!!! but i didn't want to throw it away in 2008... so now... i have use for it! :) my papers are stained with organic english breakfast tea! )

so here's what i got

and these have been dried and ironed ^^ ... are we even suppose to iron them? but i love the crease effect that ironing creates when done on wet-ish paper!

this first batch were the normal staining ... just applying the tea water evenly all over the paper.

these were made by puddling tea water at a certain area on the paper, then when it's half dried, i pick up the paper, let one end go, and allow the remaining tea water trail off the paper. this creates the streaky tea stains. i really love this effect!

and these last ones, i'm sure you already guessed by the way they look, is just randomly releasing droplets of tea water and allowing it to dry that way. i like these as well ... but i wonder if these would be a little too stark for some people's taste?

i'm guessing that these would be the papers i'll be using for my next book :)) and oh ... they smell good :)

happy weekend and happy pimping! :)


  1. Your paper looks great! I have not had much luck with staining paper but may try it again. Perhaps because I didn't iron mine is why it looked so bad. I will try again! Thanks Luthien for posting this!


  2. I love making tea and coffee stained papers. I use them in my work all the time. Something so special about aged papers.

  3. I often use tea and coffee stainined papers too! I agree - there's something very interesting about aged, distressed things!

  4. Wonderful! I'll give it a try one day :)

  5. lulu :)
    thank you :) ironing seems to make them less "curly" and i like the creases that ironing creates when you iron while the paper is still slightly wet.

    tammy :)
    yea... i know!! your vintage creations are always so yummy!

    angie :)
    yes... it's sorta nostalgia ... and romantic :)

    fadzni & azilah :)
    yea... do... it's a great addition to your cardmaking :)

  6. hey, another nice idea! Awesome!...what papers are those? They don't look like normal white papers. By the way, thanks for the message you left in my blog. I'm really glad to have known you :)

  7. hey shera :)
    the papers are not the printing papers (if that's what you mean by normal :)) it's the ones you can buy by weight. but mine, i bought in 25pieces stacks from a stationery shop in tmn tun. it's got faint lines across, the brand is conquerer and it's actually off white tho the packaging says white.

    :) glad to have found you too :))

  8. Gee, I don't know how I missed this posting! I just love what you're doing with paper!!

  9. You did a great job. I mostly use tea to dye fabric I have never tried it on paper.

  10. sharon :)
    hihihi... thank you ... love experimenting!!

    hey bunny :)
    i didn't know you could dye fabric with tea ... thanks for sharing!

  11. These are so lovely!
    thank you!
    I have enjoyed looking around and love the ideas you share!!


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