Jul 18, 2009

shera's border

woohoo!!! feels so warm and fuzzy when some little thing you did, inspired someone else to do some other little things :))

remember my recycle paper tutorial? i am so delighted that shera of shera's border took on the challenge and made some herself... and i can tell you it looks totally awesome!! this was the comment she left in my comment box on the 15 july :

"hey, i started collecting papers which i normally throw into the trash... thanks for the idea...hope can make smthing nice out of the papers :)"

and today i got this from her :)

"hey there.... i tried out my 1st batch.. oh it was so fun.. check it out in my blog ^^ thanks for the idea and inspiration :)"

of course i went straight to her blog to take a look ... :D and i was utterly delighted at what i saw. she had a picture of the "cold cuts" all lying to dry on the floor!! and even more than that ... shera created 2 lovely cards out of the recycle paper she made :) and they are beautiful!!

ahhh... it felt so good and i was so touched that something i did just inspired something so lovely out of another artist, and in a small way ... we did a little something for mother earth. when there was just 1, now there are 2 people in malaysia who wouldn't throw away scrap paper ... but recycle and reuse them AND make pretty things out of 'trash' :)

please go to shera's blog and take a look. not only is she a wonderful and creative young lady, she's enterprising and she cares :) shera makes lovely handmade cards, and now i know at least 2 of her cards, were made by recycling old paper!! woohoo!!!! here's the link :)

that's one of them cards :))

thank you shera :) for inspiring me !!

happy pimping! :)


  1. How wonderful - you're an inspiration Luthien! Hey, and you're helping save the planet!

    I've got paper-making on my list of things to try too, after reading your excellent tutorial :)

  2. angie :)
    yea... isn't that so cool! you must try it ... it's actually quite relaxing and meditative :)

  3. wow..... u did a post on my papers and cards!!.. of course i dont mind.. in fact i'm honored :) thanks for the wonderful compliments and all the lovely ideas ... Gambateh! .. Hope our little actions in some way can help save the environment :)

  4. Luthien, you're an inspiration to us all :)

  5. How fantastic Luthien! Shera's card looks really lovely! I'm off to check out more of her beautiful cards!

  6. hey shera :)
    it's my pleasure :))) saving the environment and fun are now directly correlated!!

    hey tali :)
    awww... that's sweet... thank you :))

    hey catherine :)
    yea! shera's work is really pretty and neat :) hope you'll find something nice there :)

  7. Hey Luthien...This is an AWESOME card...I love the handmade paper on the front!!!!

  8. Arrgghhh...I'm going to try this too. Must must must >_<


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