Jul 1, 2009

red envelope

i have been mentioning red envelope many times now. red envelope is the shop near my place which carries some of my arty stuff on consignment. the owner's name is sharon :) a lovely lady who always spots a big smile and a friendly "hi" when we meet ... which is quite often because for some reason i seem to gravitate to the mall where her shop is located. i'm there like at least 5 times a week! yea... i'm crazy :)

anyhow, today i went to sharon's place (red envelope) again... to pass her some new stuff that i made for the shop. my elephant coasters are selling very well there and most of the time when i replenish stock, it's always elephants and more elephants! so today i sent her 2 new sets elephants 'hot from the oven' :)

sharon also loves my little stone paper weights. so i made her a whole load (well... not really, just 6 :) ) and she confidently guarantees that they will 'fly' out of the shop! which is good news :)

today i had my camera with me and i took the opportunity to ask sharon if i could snap some pictures of the places where she displays my products :) i thought it will be great way to give you an idea of the eclectic mix of things that my products have the honor to be displayed with :))

here's where she displays my celestial mirror-keyholder and in the background you can see my peace placemats :)

i think my celestial coaster set is sitting pretty among red envelope's collection of eclectic housewares

can you see my elephants peeking out from the middle of the buddha collection?

and my spockie elephant placemats sitting among an original art and a wooden sculpture :)

finally my new batch of stones resting underneath a brass tree sculpture. isn't the brass tree sculpture gorgeous!

ahhhh ... my babies look so at home here :) and that makes their mommy real happy /-)

happy pimping! :)


  1. Luthien, your artwork is so gorgeous! Love your elephants myself :o)) and the new paperweights that you've been doing! I'm with the owner I think they will fly out of there! The shop is perfect for your artwork!

  2. I agree, the shop is perfect for your stuff! You're so lucky you have the perfect place close by. :)

  3. Luthien,

    I am so truly proud of you.

  4. Hi Luthien, I think your artwork/creations are so lovely - love the dragonfly paperweights, such a great idea! I am so glad we found each other's blogs - all the best Val xo

  5. Wow Luthien! Your creations look wonderful amongst all the other lovely things in Sharon's shop. I can see why you visit there so often!

    Your elephant coasters are really gorgeous - as is everything else!!!

    Catherine xx

  6. hey michele :)
    thank you so much for your sweet comment :) hahaha!! flying out is good!! :)) cos i just bought a whole bag of stones from the garden center!

    hey julia :)
    thank you! yea... it's just like a 5 minute drive from where i live and the best thing is ... the mall (where the shop is) is an annexe to the largest ikea in malaysia!

    hey melissa :)
    thank you so much :)) you've been always there encouraging me :) hugs!

    hey vania :)
    thank you!! and thank you for adding me to your favs :)i love your art too :) hope to see more of your creations! :)))and yes! we must talk!

    hey catherine :)
    thank you so much!! yea... i think my babies do feel quite at home there at sharon's place... and i know she's really picky at what she brings into her shop... so i'm really happy that she took my babies in :))

  7. Luthien...these are BEAUTIFUL! Everything looks wonderful in your friends shop...like it was meant to be there!


  8. hey~... thanks for dropping by my blog.... ur works are gorgeous... u paint really well! neways, glad to know a fellow msian crafter too... keep it going ^^ CHeerz


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