Jul 12, 2009

premio meme award

whoot! i received another award, a really pretty one :) from a wonderfully whimsical artist who also makes the most unique steampunk jewelry ... michele of michele lynch art blog :) thank you michele!! you're a darling :)

now i have to tell you 7 facts about myself :

1. i come from the beautiful country of malaysia ... where cosmopolitan cities meet romantic beaches and mystical rainforests ...

2. my favorite drink (and also very fattening) is teh tarik ... a mix of black tea and spoons upon spoons of condensed milk (yea!!!) ... hence i'll never get rid of my tummy!

3. i loooooove seafood! my favorite ... crabs! hmm... yummy!!

4. to date i've had 4 celebrity crushes :) yes... i'm a teenager at heart :)

5. i use to dance and sing on stage

6. i'm an absolute fantasy freak... LOTR, narnia, eragon, twilight, TREK oh yea!!

7. i had a nickname in high school ... spotted eagle ... bcos i had freckles! but heck! i love my freckles!

now you know my secrets ... tell me yours :)

1. sharon of mana moon studios :)
2. catherine of coral seas jewellery :)
3. angie of artangel :)
4. lulu of coastal sisters :)
5. dawn of harmony quest :)
6. tali of imperfectly perfect :)
7. penny of penny duncan creations :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. Very cute. Now I know a bit more about you :)

  2. Thank you so much for the award! I loved reading more about you! I will have to do a posting on my 7 things soon!!

    Hope you are having a wonderful evening!!


  3. Oh girl I LOVED reading about your 7 things about you!! And THANK YOU for the award!!!!! I'm excited an will be putting it on my blog in a bit!!!!

  4. Oh Luthien you're such a darling and I loved learning more about you!!! Thank you so much for the lovely award, I'll post about it on Monday! :D Now scooting off to check out Michele's blog...

  5. I loved reading about you Luthien!! That favourite drink of yours looks scrummy and Malaysia looks sooooo beautiful!!! I think freckles are great too! I've got my fair share!

    Thanks so much for the award. I'll have to post about it asap!

  6. I just had to chime in on this freckle thing as I'm the freckle queen! I honestly don't know where they all came from until one day D said "I love all your freckles" and I looked down while thinking "what freckles?", hahaha!!

  7. thank you ladies :) for playing along :))

    catherine & sharon :)) did you know that if you had freckles there's less chance for pimples? isn't that great! oh... i had freckles for as long as i can remember... on my arms and knees as well :) and it's extra weird for a chinese to have them... my freckles get mentioned all the time. i didn't know why i had them until one day my mom told me ... did you know that your great-great-great grandmother on your dad's side was french? i was like "WHAT?" ... that's where i got my freckles from i think!

  8. Interesting to find out a bit more about you Luthien. Your country looks so beautiful! I'll post mine soon xx

  9. Hey Luthien, Just wanted to let you know I'm going to post about this tomorrow as I wanted to get the news out about our team blog party (whoot!). Very excited about doing this award posting though, can't wait - thanks!!

    Oh and the freckle thing, too cool!!

  10. Luthien your favorite drink sounds so good!!! I'm a huge fan of chi tea lattes! It was great learning more about you!!

  11. Luthien, I loved learning more about you! And... thank you for bestowing the award on to me as well. I shall do my post soon!

    Happy Days to you,



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