Jul 16, 2009

more papers and a boo-boo

i am so enjoying making recycle paper. from the first batch, i got about 30 sheets all measuring about 5"x3.5" ... quite tiny but cute :) thank you for all the response i got from the tutorial. i'm so happy that you are all stoked about it and even want to try it! and thank you sharon for posting the tutorial in our home blog, inspiration avenue ;) just wanna share with you a couple of pictures of "the stack", of the 1st batch :)

pretty aren't they :)

i went on to start another batch and trudi of the deco detective mentioned that she have some handmade papers with flower petals in them. she wondered if those were more difficult to make. i was like WOAH!! i've seen those! well... i haven't got round to getting the flower petals yet but i was also curious to know if it was easy to include "foreign objects" into the paper.

anyway, i started with my 2nd batch and remembered that i had a bottle of essential oil somewhere which i haven't used in ages... in the form of lavender scent. so i put a few drops in the paper puree and hopefully the paper will come out smelling nice :)

then i remembered i also had some dried lavenders somewhere in the kitchen. AHA! i found them and rubbing my hands in glee, i threw a hand full into the paper puree. HAH... i was delighted that i could test "the theory of foreign objects" ... and well, lavenders were flowers too :) tho they looked quite withered to me... anyway...

well i can tell you the paper came out well, the lavenders didn't fall off after the paper dried (which i thought they would) and the paper had lavender scent on them ... but wait ... what's the other scent i smell??


look at the dried lavenders ... funny looking lavenders ...

then i realized ... those aren't LAVENDERS!!!! they are ROSEMARY!! O-O

wahahahahahahaha!!!! i laughed so hard at silly old me! can't differentiate between lavender and rosemary :P ... well ... i sure hope it's rosemary ... i hope i didn't get that wrong too!

anyway ... the purpose was to test a theory ... and the result is affirmative :) you CAN introduce foreign objects into your recycled paper quite easily :) next time i'll just stick to rose petals :) and common leaves :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. LOL Luthien!! That's something I would have done!!! None the less it's beautiful paper, regardless if it's rosemary or lavender lol! I like the added texture it gives. I've seen where they have added fibers too and that looks really pretty. Like those funky new yarn fibers would look really awesome in the paper ;o) Beautiful paper you have created! Can't wait to see what you do with it! xo

  2. Oh Luthien......My mouth is DROOOOOOLLLLINNNNGGGGG these papers are SO gorgeous!!!!!!! Beautiful beautiful job!!!!!!!

  3. Oh Luthien, this is SO cool!! Despite you "boo-boo" the paper looks wonderful and I'll bet it smells delicious! Keep up the great work, you're always SO inspiring!♥

  4. They came out so pretty! I want to make paper,too!

  5. michele :)
    lol! thank you!! i'm glad i'm not the only fuzzybrain :)) ooo... yarns! i have those!!

    penny :)
    LOL!! thank you penny!! you must try to make some yourself!

    sharon :)
    thank you so much :)) you're so sweet! and yea... the papers does some good :))

    kudzu :)
    LOL!! make them make them!!! i wanna see them when you're done!!

  6. I think the rosemary looks gorgeous!! You know what they say, creativity is the freedom to make mistakes, and art is knowing which ones to keep!

  7. angie :)
    thank you :) that's a wonderful philosophy!! i'm gonna keep that in mind :)

  8. Oh Luthien, you really made me laugh!!

    I think the paper looks gorgeous and I just love the smell of rosemary so I bet that paper's almost good enough to eat!!

  9. lol!!! catherine ... yea... i know ... i'm just blur... plus i dun cook so i'm lost most of the time :)but you're right ... the paper is delicious (smelling :)

  10. Haha Luthien, that's fantastic =D =D =D A word of comfort: I couldn't recognize lavender to save my life - not from the way it looks anyway. I still think the result came out very nice! And I'm so happy that you wanted to try the idea! (so many people say "I have to try this" and never do)
    Thanks for the link love as well =)


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