Jul 7, 2009

imperfect little book

feathers! costume designers and makers love them. it is one thing that they can't live without :) ostrich, pheasant, fowl, peacock ... you name it, we have used it :) and you can imagine how delighted i was when i found a bunch of these stashed away on the top of my towers upon towers of costuming remnants.

marvellous aren't they! some of the best eyes, i remember. i had hundreds of those some time back... most of them made into masks for one of our shows. these were the left overs. i couldn't wait to do something with them. i never thought of using feathers on anything else but costumes. but now i'm seeing them in a different light, a different capacity :) i'm so excited!

on my 3rd attempt at book making ...

attempt 1 didn't even get pass the front cover stage. i stuck the feather on the page then like i always do, i went and varnished it. big mistake! ... some sort of 'reaction' took place and my feather lost it's brilliance. it's still there, propped up with my books ... to serve as a reminder!

check out the brilliance of the colors! mother nature is amazing!

unvarnished ... you can still feel the velvet-ish texture of the feather.

guess what i used for the covers. my coaster base! so this little book measures a cute 10cm x 10cm and the papers inside are about 9cm.

i've stamped the rest of the black sides of the covers with this lovely design :) metallic copper waterproof ink!! hehehe! sorry ... my first time playing with stamping ink. i didn't know there were such amazing choices in ink! i usually use acrylic :p

and all 70 pieces of recycle paper there ... hand torn! whooot! gives it such an amazing feel. i think i'm gonna add 30 more sheets to make it a hundred and get bigger rings to hold them together. we'll see :))

i'm quite pleased with my imperfect little book :) what do you think?

happy pimping! :)


  1. Hi I am following you here too LOL. This book is spectacular it sure looks amazing. I love your work. Just fantastic. I will not be around for a while will pop in if I get a chance to get on line while on vacation. Going to my favourite place in the world the beach. Hugs and keep creating such fantatic works of art. Very inspiring.

  2. Oh Luthien it's absolutely beautiful!! I adore feathers and non more so than peacock!! What you've accomplished here is just fabulous!!

  3. I think it's lovely! Peacocks are so beautiful it's almost unbelievable... I liked the inside as well; the metallic copper looks like it's the perfect match to the copper in the feather.

  4. I had two peacock feathers behind my bulletin board for 20+ years until they finally dried out and fell apart. They had beautiful 'eyes' though. And when the sun hits them? OMG!

    You did an amazing job with the book. I'm still in awe of what comes out of your creative mind. You're one of a kind, my friend. xxoo

  5. hey bunny :)
    thank you for your sweet comment! and thank you for adding me to your favs :) we must talk again when you return from your vacation ... in the meantime, HAVE FUN!! hugs :)

    hey sharon :)
    thank you my sweet friend :) i love peacock feathers too ... yea, they are not as glamorous as ostrich feathers, but they are mysterious and mystical! and i just love the colors on them!

    hey trudi :)
    thank you very much :)) the first piece i made, i crackled it in turquoise ... this one i tried the stamp and my new copper ink... and i agree with you, it turned out fab against the feather!

    hey carolyn :)
    my ... took 20+ years for them to fall apart ... that's a really long time for something organic! thank you for you sweet comment my fren :)) this one was impromptu but i'm really liking it now :) i even like the action of hand tearing 100 pieces of paper!!

  6. Hi Luthien!

    I love your new book!! It's so beautiful and the feather looks wonderful on the cover! That stamping ink is gorgeous on the inside! You're so clever!!!

    Catherine xx

  7. Luthien the book is AMAZING! I love love peacock feathers! You did a beautiful job!! Stunning!

  8. wow....love your idea of using the feathers...and wonderful job you did too!

  9. awww... catherine :))
    thank you! yea... i'm going to get some more of that ink!

    hey michele :)
    thank you :)) yea... peacock feathers are amazing! esp when you get really nice 'juicy' eyes like these ones!!

    hey shera :)
    thank you! and thanks for dropping by... hope to see you again ;)

  10. It's really beautiful Luthien! I love it! I adore feathers too - especially peacocks.

  11. Hi - found you thru Harbor HOn,

    but I think it's ABSOLUTLEY AWESOME!!!!!


  12. hey angie :))
    thank you! isn't nature magnificient... most of the time nature creates the most beautiful art!

    hey mia :)
    thank you!! and thank you for dropping by :) hope to see you again :) hugs!

  13. Ok, that has to be about the coolest thing ever. I had no idea you could even do that to a peacock feather!


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