Jul 9, 2009

DIY image transfer - tutorial

i had wanted to try image transfer for a long time now but never got to doing it. i know there is a product called omni gel but unfortunately it's not available in my country ... well not yet :) . omni gel is used for image transfer. (i mentioned this product to the craft store lady and her eyes went wide and said, oh... i thought it was some kind of spiritual experience! LOL!!) right... so since i can't get omni gel here, i'll show you how to transfer an image via a different method.

you will need :

* image (that won't smudge in water)
* water
* all purpose sealer
* brush

1. choose an image you like. either cut it out of a magazine or print it out. if you choose to print, use a laser printer so that the colors won't run. but if you do not own a laser printer like me, use water resistant paper on an inkjet printer. will work just as well :).

another option is to do a photocopy of your image. the point is that, you don't want the color to come off when you put the image in water.

2. i dunno what possess me to choose edward cullen but ahhh well ... i think i'm about to read my twilight books for the 5th time pretty soon ...

so here's my image printed on water resistant paper on my canon inkjet :)

3. now my friends ... if you don't have omni gel. this is what you can use. the ever reliable all purpose sealer from jo sonja. i should think that other sealers that you can get from the arts and craft stores would work just as well.

4. apply several coats of sealer on edward cullen image letting them dry in between. i applied 6 coats. try different brushes ... some might be smooth, some might leave a mark. also as the brush dries up, there will be clumping so make sure your brush don't dry up. wash in between (drying time) if necessary.

i think the difference between omni gel and the sealer is that omni gel is much thicker so you only have to apply 2 or 3 coats.

i alternately applied the sealer horizontally and vertically ... you can see that my brush left some striations on the image which i thought looked quite pretty :)

5. this step i did the next day to allow the 6 coats of sealer to dry thoroughly. if you are brave, you can try it on the same day :)

dunk edward cullen in water and let the water seep into the paper.

6. take the image out and dry off the access water. turn it to the back and start rolling off the paper with your fingers ... carefully! i had to roll and wet the image several times in order to get the back of the image real clean

this is not clean
this is clean7. admire your hard work - the front of the image is shiny becos of the sealer, the back is matte

this is the front side of the image
this is the back side of the image
now all that's left now is put edward cullen on another background tho i have no idea what to do with him yet :)

happy pimping! :)

P/S there's more ... pls click here for part 2 :)


  1. Hii Luthien...Very detail and useful demo..I'll make use of it some day..thanks Luthien!

  2. I have always wanted to try this so thanks for the wonderful tutorial!


  3. Wow Luthien!! How clever!!! I can't wait to see what you decide to do with Edward Cullen!

  4. hey azah :)
    thanks! :) cool!!

    hey lulu :)
    you're welcome lulu :))

    hey catherine :)
    can't think of anywhere to stick him yet except on my heart? :)

  5. Do you think transferring the image to fabric would work?


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