Jul 11, 2009

DIY image transfer - tutorial part 2

click here for DIY image transfer tutorial part 1

OOOOO... i made an interesting discovery!!

but first let me show you another image i transferred using the image transfer method in the last post ...

right ... you can see the background coming through which means this image has already had it's paper taken out from the back. BUT ... not all images are as translucent as i'd like them to be, as you can see ...

i was thinking of a way to make these images more translucent. i knew that if they were wet, they became more see-through. but when they dry up, the milky opaque look came back. so... the key is to have them wet and stay wet. no way right?

well... i discovered an alternative to water that will make the image stay 'wet' ... forever :)

such a simple solution!!

check out the difference ... (sorry for the image ... this is the one i tore :) so i used it as an experiment)

bella's face is the original image transfer ... but look at edward's side. this is where i applied the baby oil. just look at how much more transparent it is! woopeee!!!!! and i can guarantee you that it will stay that way :)

extra tips :
* apply the oil on the matte side of the image where there is no sealer
* varnishing over the oil is NOT a problem... i've tested :)

hey! i'm happy ... are you?

happy pimping! :)


  1. This is so cool Luthien!! Thanks so much for sharing it!! It's funny, I actually remember spilled baby oil the past by accident and seeing that effect but to remember it when creating is sheer genius!!

  2. yup... we always see this effect and curse becos some oil has probably ruined something! :) i actually thought for quite a bit before striking the jackpot :) and it was like... will oil work? and it did! i was really delighted slightly amused actually!

  3. Wow Luthien!! What a fantastic discovery!!! It looks brilliant with the oil doesn't it!!

  4. You my dear are a genius! I love your tutorials, they are so useful to me, and you make really beautiful things for your 'Shoppe' methinks. Thank you, carry on the good work. I have collected all manner of odd bits and bobs, watch parts, metal things which I'm hoping to make into jewellery just as soon as my rotten flu buggers off lol. Michelle :))

  5. Gggggrrrreeaaaatttt Tip :o) I will be having a go tomorrow check out my blog with any results I can get posted .. Thanks Mark xx


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