Jul 30, 2009

book of lorien

ahhhh .... in my LOTRs mood once again :) painted another "coaster" book which i named "book of lorien" inspired by lothlorien, home of galadriel, the keeper of nenya ~ ring of water ... that's how the motif on the front cover came about. i fell in love with it as soon as i finished designing it. it's one of those things that look just perfect, no erasers needed :) although i did contemplate for quite a while on the colors :) but finally decided on pale gold and metallic turquoise to signify the nature of nenya (water).

at the same time, i also felt rather "DevianT" :) did you know that my favorite art genre is deviant art? i guess it's not surprising, since i love all things LOTRs!! to me ... elves and middle earth fall right into the deviant art category :)

my deviant mood wanted an unsettled background, the stone-like texture on the side ... and vines like ropes binding lorien. the undulating background color continues to the back of the book, where we also see a "ghostly" outline of lorien, incomplete and devoid of substance...

the spine of lorien is leather and the signatures (there are 11 signatures of 10 pages each) are hand sewn onto the leather with double thick black thread.

the heart of lorien is filled with my tea-stained papers, all hand torn. however to create more variety in the pages, for every 8 pages of tea-stained paper there are 2 pages of brown recycle paper.

i just cannot stop looking inside the book because every page i turn, it's like a delightful surprise ... the tea stained papers are such intriguing materials ... it's like art on its own, and art that is so organic (sorry for the pun ... everyone knows i stained the papers with expired organic tea bags!!). what i mean by organic here is the way the pattern happens. it's so natural and un-choreographed ... it's how the tea decide to trail, where the teadrops decide to land and how they wanna splatter! so pretty! well ... to me at least, but then again, i'm weird ... my mom would probably frown at the "dirty" papers!! LOL~!

as always, love to hear what you think :) and oh... "book of lorien" will be listed in my etsy shop ;) just gimme 10 minutes :)

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happy pimping! :)


  1. words do not even touch what i would love to express... this is absolutely gorgeous! in every respect, concept, intention, design, execution... really incredible... have to look at the etsy shop... you must be in such a zone as you work on these... i feel like i could really find one in middle earth...

  2. OMG that book is seriously GORGEOUS Luthien!!!! WOW!!! I'm so LOVE it!!!! I'm not sure how you are going to part with it! xo

  3. oh maire!!!
    thank you soooo much for that lovely lovely comment! i know you're a LOTR fan too ... that's why i feel so touched and honored getting a comment such as this :
    "i feel like i could really find one in middle earth"
    from you :) really really appreciate it!

    awww michele!!
    thank you! you're such a darling! lol!! i know ... i like this one too (actually i like every one!) but i'll be just as glad if someone who loves it as much as i do, buys it from me :) i know it'll surely be taken care off :))

  4. Luthien,

    Love your book and the tea stained pages.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such positive comments.

    See you at the party on Aug. 1.



  5. It's gorgeous Luthien!! I love your design and the idea behind it!!

  6. hey vicki :)
    thank you very much :)) oh yea!! see ya!

    hey catherine :)
    thank you!! you're a darling :) always :))

  7. LOVE the new book. So beautiful like all your work. :)

  8. I would love this even if I wasn't a LOTR fan, but since I am, I love it even more! Seriously, it is gorgeous.

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  10. hey cory :)
    thank you very much!

    hey julia :)
    thank you very much!! woohoo you're a LOTR fan too?? that's awesome!! :))

  11. sorry about the deleted comment ... silly me couldn't even spell a simple word!! :)

  12. That is a beautiful book! Oh to be able to create something like that...

  13. thank you gina :)
    it will be on it's way to you tomorrow :))) HUGS!!

  14. Wow! I love your books and this one is awesome. I love LOTR and all things ancient and celtic.

    Great stuff

  15. WOW, what you've created looks ancient and charmed, very beautiful inside and out!!!

  16. hey patti :))
    thank you for visiting me and thank you for the wonderful comment!! LOTR rules!!

    hey patty :))
    thank you very much! your comments mean so much to me!!


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