Jul 3, 2009

"be safe"

the first time i heard (well... read) edward cullen tell bella "be safe" i thought my heart would melt. two simple innocent words ... yet in that context, in that story, in that world, from that man (vampire) ... exudes an unsaid, unconditional and a timeless love. these two little words "be safe" will never feel the same again. anytime i think or hear of these two words, there will be a little tug in my heart strings and i would be propelled to a different place and a different time. *sigh* yes... i know you're about to throw up, but i'm a hopeless romantic (inside) ... and i'm not ashamed to admit it (once in a while) :P

"be safe" ... i told myself one of these days i must include this in one of my creations :) but i've never found the right ingredients or energies to go with it. however, since i painted my dragonflies, these two words kept popping into my mind. it's been playing there for a while, i know that it'll happen with my dragonflies, i just didn't know how ... yet. so i played with my dragonflies in different forms first, until tonight, something clicked and i made this.

it's got to be in the form of a tag. tags give me such a timeless feeling. it's old world, romantic and transient (cos i think of luggage tags). i love tags.

they are one and the same, front and back whichever you prefer.

i drilled an extra hole at the bottom of the tag so that i could attach some fibers and bits of leather to it.

"the emerging dragonfly" ... i've used this in my previous crafts. but to this tag i added a wall-like enclosure. the golden brown bits are created with texture paste then painted with gold and brown acrylics. it's like the dragonfly has finally found the courage and energy to break out ... just like how edward cullen would have felt after he met bella.

i wanted the background of this side to be romantic and soft, so i stamped ivy leaves in 3 different shades on top of one another. then i burned the edges of the paper because burned edges always remind me of old love letters, ephemera and enduring time. a little dragonfly perched on top of the words ... as a guardian angel ... like edward watching over bella. finally, i aged the overall look of the tag with some brown stain to complete the look. i really love this side of the tag tho...

if edward cullen could choose something to give bella as a symbol of his undying love for her ... it would have been this tag (or so i wish...)

to the bottom of the tag i attached an assortment of fibers and bits of faux leather, some little gem stones (from my costuming days), and the pretty little black 'structures' (which happen to be paper clips!). i added 3 of those so that you can actually leave little reminder notes or attach on a photo or two. (i've just put this in etsy :)

and though this tag is all about edward and bella ... i can't help but put this last picture in :)

specially for the gals at IAETeam :)) presenting zachary quinto :))

hope you've enjoyed my tag and pls dun kill me for posting that last pic :))

happy pimping! :)


  1. OMG i really love the dragonfly tag.... i want one!! sigh. i still wanna visit u soon. after my month-long hse arrest k?

    keep at it!!! love ur art dear..

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Luthien. You have such talent, I'm so happy that you are finally getting your stuff out on the market. I know you're going to do well.
    Hugs :)

  3. The tag is just so beautiful Luthien!!! I love it so much and I love the way you've described it's conception!!

    Haha! Now I know who the man in the photo is!! :)

  4. hey coleen :)
    thank you! LOL! i can always customize one for you :)) OMG ... did you just deliver?? i didn't know you were preggers! congrates luv!

    hey georgianna :)
    thank you :)) yea... just starting off, just starting off ... hoping it'll take me somewhere :) fingers crossed :)

    hey catherine :)
    thank you so much! i'm glad the description didn't churn up your tummy too much ... i can be guilty of being too mushy sometimes :p yup! that ... is zachary quinto :) remember to vote for him next time ;)

  5. Wow! I wish I had just a little bit of your talent.

  6. OMG OMG...I'm so in love with your work (and Zachary Quinto)...meltzzzz.

  7. I love these and I love your peacock feather book! Such awesome stuff you are making. Love it. :)


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