Jun 26, 2009

simple paper weights - tutorial

today i was at a garden shop and saw some really nice, smooth and round stones. and then i thought, well ... these are good size stones, not too light, not too heavy ... they'll be perfect for paper weights!

and of course, paper weights they will be :)

these are so fun and easy to do you can do it with your kids :)

what you need :

* nice palm size stones
* paint (i use acrylic) & brushes
* all purpose sealer (mix 1:1 with the paint so that the paint adheres to the surface of the stone, i use the brand jo sonja)
* images of your choice (trimed)
* adhesive/glue
* varnish

1) clean the stones with water and cloth, get rid of debris and dust, allow to dry

2) paint a base color. i use my normal acrylic paint mixed with an all purpose sealer at 1:1 ratio

3) if you wish you can add some 'extra' to the base color. i just dab my brush in 2 different browns and lightly brush across the stone to give it some striations.

4) i was feeling a little frisky so i painted the bottom half in black acrylics. just for fun :)

5) trim your images. since i'm into my dragonflies now, i reprinted them in a smaller dimension to fit the stone. of course if you're printing with an inkjet, then you'll have to fix/seal the images before you do any glueing. otherwise your inkjet images will bleed. if you have a really good fixative, please let me know :) at the moment i'm using letraset inkjet fix, which i fear is going to run out of stock real soon in the ONLY craft shop that carries this brand *sigh*

6) you can do without this step but i like to line the white paper edges off with a marker. the image looks so much sharper if you take the time to do this step :)

7) glue your images on the stone. remember to use a glue that allows paper to bond to a stone surface.

8) after letting the glue dry, finish your work with 2/3 coats of varnish. (i use a fan brush to apply varnishes, it gives me a really light and even coat) today i'm trying out a new gloss varnish. apparently this varnish is flexible !! yea... it's suppose to be good for items which will expand or contract with the temperature. since it's flexible, the varnish don't crack up when your item expands or contract.

9) and now you can weigh your papers down in style :)

have fun! and...

happy pimping! :)


  1. Oh, aren't those cute! Could you do one for me in the colored peace motif? You know, like the one on the keychain holder? Email me, ok?
    You really come up with some great ideas, my friend. Good show! xxoo

  2. Truly fabulous Luthien, where do you get so many ideas?

    Hugs :)

  3. carolyn :)
    thank you! )
    of course i can do one for you :)) i've just emailed you :)) hugs!

    georgianna :)
    thank you! lol! i've seen a lot of crafts made from stones :) so it's not actually my idea :))

    julia :)
    thank you! lol! my baby loves them too :)she was looking at them with big eyes :))

  4. Oh those turned out wonderful Luthien!!! LOVE them!! You amaze me with you're talent!! I haven't found a good fixative for the inkjet stuff either :oP

  5. Oh... my... gosh! I LOVE this! We have tons of rocks around our home, even smooth river rocks.

    Hmm... I see lots of paper weights around the house, holiday gifts, birthdays, weddings, trick or treat bags (well, scratch that one ;)

    Thanks for sharing :)

  6. OMG!! You never cease to amaze me!! I love how you used the dragonflies and Celtic patterns - these are fabulous!!

  7. hey michele :)
    thank you!!! omg...it's nothing compared to your talent!! inkjet fixative forever a mystery! mayb when i am richer i'll just go get myself a laser printer!

    hey hey hey rocki! now we're talkin'... now we're talkin' !! lol! thank you for the wonderful comment and have fun!!

    hey sharon :)
    thank you!! yea... they really go well together ... the celtic designs and the dragonflies :) it's so cool when what you imagine turns out just the way it should be... or even better :) and the df... i can think of so many things to do with them... i can't believe they're so versatile *grinning*

  8. Luthien,

    I wish I had your mind and creativity.

    Love Melissa

  9. Wow, I love these!!! Thanks for the tutorial - my boys might like to make some with me in the school holidays!! They're superb!!! xxx

  10. hey melissa :)
    thank you for the kind words :))

    hey catherine :)
    thanks for visiting my blog and thank you for your sweet comment! yea... it'll be great fun for your boys! my girl likes it a lot :))have fun!

  11. Hi Luthien!

    Thanks so much for visiting my Blog! Glad you popped by!

    LOVE the paperweights!



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