Jun 9, 2009

a tribute to zachary quinto

ha! i'm on the roll! you know what ... i just designed another ambigram!

divert ...

i'm sure by now, the whole frig***g world knows that :
1) i am a new trekkie convert
2) i am obsessed with spock
3) i am obsessed with the actor playing spock :) ... the younger one ...
before trek i didn't know who zachary quinto was. i didn't watch heroes, so i didn't know sylar. but now i know... zachary quinto's range as an actor both impress and inspire me. i was utterly spellbound by trek and by him. from the numerous interviews i've watched over youtube, mr quinto comes across as refine, articulate, well informed and intelligent. deeply contemplative and slightly old world, he exudes a unique charm. i shall be following his career closely from now.

and now coming back to the ambigram. you probably would have guessed by now that this is an ambigram of mr quinto's name :) so... it begins like this on a piece of white paper last night ...

(to get a closer look click on the pictures)

i always begin by writing the name one on top of another in opposite directions so that i can see which letters to pair up. and i usually try different combinations of the name.
i'm not an expert in this, i've only done like 4 ambigrams, so i don't know if this is how the experts do it. but it works alright for me.

tracing paper is very important. once you have designed one half of the name, you need to see if they work when you put 2 halves together.

a piece of tracing paper allows you to maneuver around (since it's transparent) and experiment with different ways of fitting the 2 halves together.

this is the 1st sketch on graph paper. i initially had some problems with the Y because as you can see, 'zachary' is a 7 letter word and 'quinto' is a 6 letter word. when you flip 'zachary' on 'quinto' the letter Y is the odd one out. of course you can join any 2 letters in 'zachary' to accommodate this, but in this case, it didn't really work out that way. then something caught my eye when i was combining the R and Y... i saw a familiar and an uncannily befitting shape :) ... the shape of the trek logo :) and of course it has since become not only the main feature of this ambigram, it has also solved my Y problem :)

however, i wasn't too happy with the first sketch ... i thought the 'Z' 'A' 'C' 'H' could look better, more compact and more stylized. so i sketched sketch 2 ... and this is it ...

and since i was using the trek logo anyway, i might as well use the heroes sign too :)

'zachary' as you see it ... turn your screen 180 degrees, it should read 'quinto' with the trek logo in front :)

the next step is to scan it into the computer and duplicate another 'zachary', rotate it 180 degrees, and assemble ( i use the software GIMP) ... wallah!

each of them are slightly different.

i had a lot of fun designing ambigrams this week :) the PEACE ambigram had a sense of romance and 'girlishness' to it ... while this one ... well can i say, futuristic with a little bit of edge? i dunno ... you tell me :)

and to all the zachary quinto fans out there, feel free to download them if you wish ... today's art post serves only one purpose ... to pay homage to an excellent actor who is zachary quinto :) enjoy!

happy pimping! :)


  1. Wow! Bravo! You are doing so well with this. Love the 'Trek' logo woven into this piece too. Isn't Zachary slurpily delicious? I know, I'm a dirty old lady ... but he is. :) xxoo

  2. thanks carolyn :))
    lol!!! you are right about the slurpily delicious part ... tho i'm not too sure about the DOL ;P ... cheeky little lady sounds better!

  3. Wow Luthien, this is just amazing! You're SO talented with these and I have to appreciate your inspiration. We've watched Heroes so we have an understanding of the caliber of actor he is, truly inspirational.

  4. Girl you amaze me!!! Okay now I have to go out and see the movie LOL! I wanted to see it when it first came out but was over ruled by the little one and hubby and we saw wolverine. It was okay. Hmmmm....time to see Star Trek. I used to be so addicted to the Next Generation! xo Michele

  5. hey sharon :))) thank you! ambigrams are so much fun (and frustration when you can't get it right) i'm like this noty little girl rubbing her hands in glee when i do ambigrams :))) thank goodness for DVDs ... now i know who sylar is :)) really cool character and multilayered ... zach's fantastic as sylar, but he's brilliant as spock!

    hey michele :))) hihihi... thank you! my gosh ... you? a trekkie?? i've never really watch the series, but man ... the new trek movie is something else! casting is pitch perfect! plssss go watch it ok ... even if it means watching it alone :))

  6. Hey Luthien, I'm already in love with Quinto when he was Sylar (eventhou he's a bada**, but he kicked a** too!!). And when he's Spock, I'm even more smitten when he's the good guy. and...the eyebrows...the eyebrows!!(need I say more). hehe


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