Jun 3, 2009

'spockie' elephants

i have been working on another set of elephants of late. red envelope, the shop that sells on consignment for me, is selling my elephants like hot cakes! OH!!!!! i have to tell you this... i just got my first paycheck from red envelope yesterday! :)) that felt gooooood! anyway... coming back to my elephant story... i have been working on my new set of elephants since ... 3 weeks ago? perhaps more. my plan initially was to do something retro in my favorite blue and green tones. well... the blue and green tones came out alright, but i can't say much about the 'retro' part...

you see... designing 'retro' elephants in between 5 helpings of star trek isn't really a good idea. oh... did i tell you i was never a trekkie (i saw trek only during the act of changing channels) but now... i think i'm a true convert! well... coming back to the elephants again... just let me show you the pictures first. these are on canvas ...

when i finished them, i looked at them for a looooooong time. i thought to myself ... these dun look retro ?? *silence for 10 seconds before realization* damn ... these look futuristic ... these look ... spockie !!!!!!
now, you tell me... is it just me? or do they look 'spockie' to you too ... my facebook frens certainly agree with me! this is the result of designing 'retro' elephants in between 5 x star trek ... and i think you dun need me to tell you that i have contracted the OSD (obsessive spock disorder) in the midst of all this madness now, do you??

part 2 ... pondering ...

yes... i poured and pondered over my 'spockie' elephants for another week or so. firstly because i still had 'retro' stuck in my head, and secondly, the flu bug got to me. but i'm alright now and i have recovered from both the above maladies ;p ... so last night i came up with this. (as always, i paint my designs on canvas first then scan them and resize them, and print them out again for my various crafts)

my first 'spockie' elephant placemat :) those of you who have been following my work know that most of my art and crafts are filled with 'things' ... i just can't get enough of 'things' ... i like my work colorful and messy and filled. but this one, i was compelled to stop at this. less is good. simple (well... simpler than most of my other stuff) and clean.

and you know what ... this is sooooo weird ... when i was taking pictures of the placemat, i saw things that i didn't even know were there ... it's like this whole 'spockie' thingy manifested itself again. i was really more than a little surprised.

spock (for those of you who have seen the latest trek or has been a fan forever) is a 'child of 2 worlds' and so he has to constantly deal with the conflict he has inside of him, his duality.

look ...

what compelled me to pair 'spockie' elephants with the GITA sutra written in sanskrit ... i don't know... when i saw this, i was like ... OMG! this is duality ... 2 worlds ... one represents the ancient, the other, the future ... and of course, the whole look of the placemat is clean and structured, sorta cold? and masculine ... hmmm ... that's so spock...

but again ... perhaps there is a little me in there. my frens would tell you that i am a really boring person when it comes to fashion. i like black. about the only thing i wear is black tank tops (or spaghetti strap tops as we call it here) and sweats or jeans. everyday. i have black tanks to last me for a week without going to the laundry. but when i create ... it's all about vibrant colors, and clutter, and mess ... why is that so? that is something i just discovered about myself lately ... maybe i should blog about this in another post. so did this element of me manifest itself here or am i just possessed ??

anyway i have drifted away, so, getting back to my 'spockie' elephants ... here are some more pictures :)

i am going to do a couple more in the coming week, send some to red envelope and put some in my etsy shop and see if there are others out there who are also spellbound by the spock-magic :)

i love star trek, i am in love with the character spock, i am in love with zachary quinto :))) and i'm not ashamed to admit it :)))

happy pimping! :)

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  1. Wow! Great to hear your elephants are taking off so well. I am so proud and happy for you, my friend.

    Have been a trekkie for a long time and Spock is also one of my favs. Haven't seen the new movie yet, but looking forward to it. Sylar from Heroes as Spock? Can't wait. xxoo


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