Jun 12, 2009

peace series ... and now there are 6

aha! my peace series is finally complete :)) well... for the moment it is ... who knows :p. the last puzzle to the peace was the ambigram and now i have 6 designs which i can make into 6 little coasters! and i am quite pleased with them. tho they (we) all look different on the surface, we know that they (we) are all linked together by one powerful spirit that is PEACE :)

1. "wor ping" - peace in chinese caligraphy ... cut out on a reprint of a peace treaty made in 1648
2. peace flowers - inspired by the lotus and painted in my favorite blue-green hues :)
(altho this new printer i just bought, prints a different kind of blue ... i actually prefer my old printer's blue :( )

3. peace in colors - a colorful and whimsical depiction of peace
(i tweaked some of the colors in this one on the GIMP software to blend in better with the other designs ... ahhh ... the miracles of technology :)) )
4. doodling peace - an unconscious extension of the word 'peace' and the peace sign

5. ambigram of peace - perfect symmetry
6. green peace - the only software generated design (among the 6) ... exploring different fonts and ways of making peace

and so ... this is it :) or not?? because after i finished making this set of coasters last night, i suddenly had this wicked idea. i should have designed one with a scary tree and a tombstone that says RIP (rest in PEACE) !! lol!! i might just do that the next time round ... perhaps remove 'green peace' and insert RIP :)) but this set will be in my etsy shop :)

as always ... love to hear what you think :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. I love no. 6, the green is so vibrant! And no. 2, too, you've incorporated the peace symbol very nicely in the flowers.
    And maybe 70-s psychedelia like in no. 3 will be the next big thing?
    Great job as usual, Luthien!
    Have a lovely weekend =)

  2. Just stopping by to see what you've been up to. Busy, busy, busy, as always! ;-) Love these designs - fabulous!♥

  3. Beautiful as always. You are so good with such detail. Love the ambigram of peace. I love looking at the things you have done.

  4. As always, your work is just so fabulous! I love the "peace" series ... and that would have been just too funny to have one that included RIP. LOL

    Hey ... I've started a weekly "green" challenge at Reduce Footprints. If you have a minute, drop by. Here's the direct link:


    Have a great weekend ... and thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us!

    Small Footprints

  5. hey trudi :)
    thank you for the sweet comment! it's really interesting to know what other ppl tastes are like :)) i love my no 2 as well :))thanks for the info :))

    hey sharon :)
    thank you! it's good to keep myself occupied :) you have been really busy yourself too ... that's always a good sign :)

    hey brenda :)
    thank you! there's just so many things i have in mind, sometimes i can't decide whether i should design or paint or craft! lol!

    hey sf :)
    thank you :))) lol! i would love to look at the shop owner's face when i send her one with RIP to sell :)) i'll definitely drop by!

  6. Luthien!

    You know my heart aches whenever I see anything from your 'peace' series. Love them all and think you've outdone yourself with the coasters. My Sisters are still oooing and ahhhing over the cutting board and coaster. They say I need to get the peace key holder. I think they may just be right, but will have to wait for the retro to kick in. :) xxoo

  7. OMG they are fabulous Luthien!! Love them!! LOL on the RIP!!! LOL!! Too funny! Great idea ;o) xo

  8. hey carolyn :)
    lol! i'm glad that i'm the one that makes your heart ache! thank you so much for your sweet comment :)) well... the key holder is waiting ... ;)

    hey michele :)
    thank you!! hope you leg is better :))

  9. Peace is one of the greatest blessings.


  10. Nice - I like them. I just stumbled on your blog today. How about Peace in Arabic caligraphy? If you're interested, I'll write it and email it to you for future art projects.

    I think I like the Peace flowers the best - its also my fav colour combination.

  11. May you have a peaceful Sunday. Except it's probably already Monday for you. Have a peaceful week.

  12. Wow Luthien! I love these, don't think I can pick a favorite one. I hearted them at etsy.
    hugs :)

  13. Hey Luthien, Just stopping by to let you know I've given you an award on my blog, whoot!

  14. Love this work and the idea behind it!


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