Jun 18, 2009


i dunno if "fraternity" is the 'bestest' word to use, but i really really like this word. the first time i heard it was in the movie WANTED when morgan freeman said to james mcavoy, "welcome to the fraternity (of assassins)" :)

well ... i now belong to the INSPIRATION AVENUE fraternity :) do not fret! i have not inducted myself into a group of assassins ... but then again, i believe we could be as potent! inspiration avenue etsy team is the group's full name and it is made up of a diverse but very talented group of artists who promote, encourage and support each other's work through friendship and a positive team environment. i am still finding my way here as i have never belonged to a group such as this :) but i am really excited and ever-ready to explore! woohoo!

please feel free to visit us by clicking on the 3 badges below. each one will take you to a different 'hideout' :)

IAEteam shop

IAEteam profile

on a different note :) i just received another award ;) this one is rather new i think cos i've only seen it once. it's the one lovely blog award!

thank you sharon of mana moon studios for passing this beautiful award to me :)) for those of you who have followed my posts, you would know sharon is a wonderful and extremely talented jewelry artist. more than that, sharon is a dear friend and a truly warm and giving person. lol! she is the one who brought me into the IAEteam fraternity! double thank you to you sharon!!

check out this collection of hers. isn't it gorgeous?! ... that's why... it's going to go on TV!!

hohoho! so many things are happening in blogworld and artyworld for me ... my adrenaline is a-pumpin! there's more orders for my elephants from red envelope, i have just put up a pimp&paint fan page in facebook and have 450 fans already!!, there's IAEteam and of course , there is my new dragonfly series in the workings :))) i'm a little flustered but that's becos i'm EXCITED!!! ... woohoo!!!

happy pimping! :)


  1. Luthien,

    You inspire me in so many ways.

    Thank you for your kind words. You are a great advocate and I adore you.

    Love ya.


  2. Luthien it's lovely to have you on the Inspiration Avenue team! Thanks for your comment on my blog - I love your work too - lots of lovely colour! What a great co-incidence that you spent some time living in Manchester - I actually don't live far away from the Uni - I can see us having a good old gossip at the next meeting!
    Angie x

  3. I was just working on your "Meet and Greet" for our team blog and stopped by to grab your blog url when what do I see but a fab posting about our team, whoot!

    You're such a darling and what a wonderful writeup you've give us!! I'm so excited to have you on our team and can't wait for the other members to get to know you! ;-)

    You're a sweetheart for adding a photo of my work too although by now I'm probably in serious trouble for ever having mentioned it was going to be on tv, ugh!

    Scampering off to visit your fan page - 450 fans already?!? You go girl! Hugs♥

  4. Fabulous Post Luthien! So happy you've joined our group... love your Blog and will visit often, of course!

    Dawn xox♥

  5. thank you ladies!

    melissa :) i can't wait for you to put up your online shop!

    angie :) really!?!?! where?? i use to live in the students' accommodation at grove place... then moved just a little down the road into one of those converted victorian houses opposite the baths (it was i think) :))

    sharon :) lol!! ooo ... why get into trouble? it IS really your work that's going into that event! no one can say otherwise...

    dawn :) so happy to be part of the group and meeting new friends and be inspired!! woohoo!!

  6. Congrats Luthien, I hope you get lots of fans! I think the Etsy fraternity sounds great; what I like about blogging is all the nice encouraging comments I get - and it must be even more important for artists. I'm sure you'll do great in the group; you're really really good at being encouraging!
    Have a lovely weekend Luthien.
    Trudi xo

  7. thank you trudi :))
    lol! i truly believe in motivation and encouragement... positively. when i was younger and was trying out singing, a guy use to use "a different kind" of "motivation" on my singing... he use to point out on all my flaws (never told me what was good, just what was bad) and compared me with other better vocalists... well that'll probably work for a while but after many years of just hearing negative things about my singing... it totally put me off ... and now i'm even afraid to sing (i use to sing on stage :) ) so i truly believe in motivation and encouragement in a positive light :))


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Luthien :)