Jun 22, 2009

dragonflies inspired by 'untitled'

a couple of things have helped inspire these dragonflies. first, the owner of red envelope put this idea in me with ... "our ladies love dragonflies here" ... oh ok i said :) i thought about it for a couple of days but couldn't seem to connect. i don't think i can come up with a design just like that without something 'clicking' inside of me. then last week or so, i chance upon a poem (or simply thoughts) i wrote a while ago ... 'untitled' ... as i read it, colorful dragonflies began playing in my head and something clicked.

since re-reading the poem several times, with dragonflies flying in my head (lol!), i have rewritten 2 words in 'untitled' (if you compare the link with this one below, you'll see which 2 words)

the body is merely a vessel
reducible, degradable
fleeting, as moment
transient, as life

the mind and the spirit
reside within this ephemera
steadfast and sacred
define our worth

you can break my body
but you cannot break my spirit...

it seems appropriate somehow... to rewrite the 2 words ... the poem seems to have "moved" along with my evolving thoughts ...

dragonfly... so fleeting is its lifespan...
though it seems to me, our own is not unlike theirs

in life ... proud, colorful, powerful predators and somewhat magical

yet ... as it's transient life quickly fades away

peering through it's broken wings ...

still ... the strength and spirit for life do not cease to glow ... iridescence ...

... hmmm ...
i'm stuck for words ... so many things churning inside of me ... unexpressed.

let's just 'beam' back into real world for a moment :) so... my dragonflies... hmmm ....
i haven't thought of any crafts to do with them yet, but i am going to combine them with some celtic 'ish' designs i made. i think they would go quite well together...

by the way ... i actually tried to mimic the watercolor technique on parts of the dragonflies' wings, but as you can see, it didn't really work out ... it totally doesn't look 'watered' down, looks real intense actually... lol!!! but then again, i was using acrylics on canvas ;)

as always, i'd love to hear what you think :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. Wow, Luthien, I think you really captured that dragonfly. It's beautiful, I love it!
    Nice to see you on facebook too!

    Hugs :)

  2. Wow Luthien, your work and inspiration are always so astounding!

    I love reading about the process you go through to your eventual exquisite creations! I love how the dragonflies came out and your idea of mixing them with the Celtic designs is fabulous!

    Would love to see these as cards but that's only because I'd love to buy some if they were - yes, I know, horribly selfish, lol!

    I have no doubt however you use them they'll be exceptional!!

  3. WOW, Luthien, these are beautiful. I love the colors you used. You have an amazing colorful mind.

  4. hey georgianna :)
    thank you for your sweet comment! i hope you're having a wonderful time at facebook :))

    hey sharon :)
    thank you!! lol! that's becos i'm always a little messed up inside :) i was thinking of cards too, but i'm having problems with the technicality of card making ... do i make handmade or do i send my designs to the printer?? my attempts at handmade cards didn't turn out too well... i think it's becos i'm not familiar with card/paper materials... :) but if i do have cards ... you'll know it! ;)

    hey brenda :)
    thank you!! i love creating with colors! they make me happy :) so unlike my personal taste in fashion :) i'm an all black girl ... at the very least, plain dark colors and simple lines :) it still baffles me as to why my personal taste differs so much from my "creative taste" :)

  5. I love the dragonfly and the vivid color scheme!

  6. Wow, Luthien, your artwork is amazing. So beautiful and colorful. I absolutely love theses dragonflies.

  7. thank you catherine, thank you tammy :))) really appreciate your encouraging words :))

  8. I'm drooling!!! GORGEOUS!!!! I love them!!! Their wings look like stained glass to me! Really wonderful! and yes I think we were on the same wave length there LOL! xo Michele

  9. "you can break my body but you can't break my spirit" - I have used this line many times in my life.

    Love your dragonflies - gorgeous!

  10. There's a team member you might want to talk to about card making, Laura of Laura Lee's Tasty Treats. She used to have a card shop and knows all about making them. She works a full time job though so she didn't have time to run two Etsy shops anymore but I think if you sent her a message through our team email she'd be happy to "give a little advice". ;-D

  11. Oh,they're beautiful! I love how bright the colors are..

  12. hey michele :)
    thank you!! yup, stain glass was what i had in mind :) and yea... we must be connecting at some point lol!!!

    hey rocki :)
    thank you!! ahhh.... sometimes it's easier said than done :(

    hey sharon :)
    oh good! thanks for the 'tip off' ;) actually made a batch of test stock last night... 2 came out fine, two were curling up ... i wonder why... i'll post it later and show the curls ...

    hey kudzu :)
    we've missed you! you don't post as much as you use to, not even in gw :) thank you for the sweet comment :) hope you are well and in the pinkest of health!

  13. Oh Luthien!!!!! ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING!!! The dragonflies are AMAZING!!! SO vibrant and beautiful!!! I hope you are having a very blessed day my friend!!!

  14. hey penny :)))
    thank you!!! makin' my day girl, makin' ma day!!!!


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