May 13, 2009

i'm on treasury !

OMG... michelle of SilverJewelOman has included my elephant series coasters in her EE LL EE PP HH AA NN TT treasury! this is soooo exciting :)) my first time! how cool is this :)) thank you michelle :))

hmmm.... i wonder how you can get that exact etsy treasury picture on here... i couldn't copy and paste. is there a trick to this??? those of you who know??

anyway, i'm still happy :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. Congrats! I just take a screenshot and save it on my computer.

  2. damn! i was thinking of the same thing a while ago... i was thinking is the solution that simple?? you confirmed it ! thanks!! i'll do just that tho i think it's expiring soon :)

  3. You are MOST welcome - I love them they are very unique and look sophisticated as well. Wish I could buy them but have too many expenses at the moment. If you didn't get the screenshot just go to my blog and copy that one there.


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