May 15, 2009

I AM IT :) i've been tagged :)))

lol! i've been tagged by 2 lovely ladies :) gayle from this artist's journey and julia from the spotted sparrow :) gayle is a fabulous watercolor artist who creates jewelry as well... totally inspiring and beautiful work :) julia is a papercraft expert... her blog is quirky, fun and filled with information and tutorials :) pls give these 2 lovely ladies a visit, i promise you, you will not regret it!

now for the tag :)

8 things i'm looking forward to :

1. watching my baby grow up
2. growing old with the man i love
3. more creations!
4. some more sales?
5. watching star trek another time?
6. seeing spock again?
7. new moon?
8. become fitter??

8 things i did yesterday :

1. surf the net
2. craft
3. paint
4. had japanese for lunch
5. had thai for dinner
6. spent time playing silly games with my baby
7. bought and assembled another drawer unit from ikea
8. dreamt about spock

8 things i wish i could do :

1. be born in the 80's
2. have another baby soon
3. convince myself to go to the gym
4. turn fat into cash
5. woodwork
6. act with viggo mortensen and james mcavoy
7. have some sort of supernatural powers
8. be an elf in middle earth

8 things or shows i've watched lately :

1. star trek
2. twilight
3. wolverine
4. fast and furious 4
5. interviews upon interviews on youtube
6. my baby sleep
7. lots of cartoon network
8. people passing by

8 of my favorite blogs :

1. manamoon studios
2. harbor hon
3. michele lynch art blog
4. reduced footprints
5. art and inspiration
6. penny duncan creations
7. pinch me to see if you're dreaming
8. the deco detective

what a fun way to get to know your friends better :))

happy tagging! :)
happy pimping! :)


  1. Oh, Luthien, thank you so much for listing me as a favourite blog! You know I'm a bit bad at playing tag, but I still appreciate the mention a lot =) =) =)
    And it was fun reading your answers! Congrats on completing the IKEA unit, it can be a bit tedious...
    Have a wonderful weekend Luthien - hope all or at least some of your wishes come true.
    Trudi xo

  2. Spock, huh? I just am in from seeing Star Trek. What is it that draws you to him? Is it because he is so logical or is those pointy elfin like ears? ;D
    I love to people watch, also. It's fascinating. Babies sleeping are so darn precious. Viggo Mortenson is pretty attractive.
    Thank you for listing me as one of your favorites. I feel honored. I have to go figure out my answers now. It was nice getting to know a little more about you.

  3. :) no prob trudi :))

    :) tammy :) did you like star trek? i was never really a trekkie but the way they revamped the franchise by altering the historic events... i thought it was a brilliant idea! to throw away all 45 years of stories with one fascinating twist and start anew... and breathe new life to an old franchise :)) spock! hah! he's hot!! i didn't know who this guy was cos i dun watch heroes. but... he played a magnificient spock! :)

  4. Hey Luthien,

    This has been a great way to get to know you better. I'm so glad that you played tag. I'm going now to see your 8 favorite blogs!

  5. Dear Luthien,

    We had a great time in Florida. It was so hard to leave there, but am glad to be home.

    I always learn new things about you. You are fascinating.

    Love Melissa

  6. Luthien,

    May you have a great week.

    Talk to you soon.


  7. This is so cool Luthien and I loved reading and getting to know you better! Guess you've got a wee bit of a crush on Spok?? ;-) Oh and about that supposed "fat"... I've seen you, you're GORGEOUS!!

    Anyhoo, thanks for including me, you're a sweetheart and I'll write up something today or tomorrow to post it. hugs♥

  8. sharon :))
    "a wee bit crush on spock"... now that's ... an understatement!!! lol!! thanks for playing :)) and thanks for the compliment :p


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Luthien :)