May 14, 2009

etsy alchemy - completed!

YEAH!! i just completed a transaction at etsy alchemy :) a place where custom requests are made. dear dear sunday girl of bumbleberries quilt shoppe & boutique requested from me a similar "passion" magnetic board (see link) and this is what i made :) it's not exactly like the old one... i think this is so much nicer... really... the old one was my first ever attempt. this has so much more details in it :)

and for those of you who love patchwork and quilting, you must visit sunday girl's blog and her store at etsy :) her baby collection is the cutest! ever! she also has quarters in the most beautiful fabrics as well... for fabric lovers like me :)

well... here it is :

the board is originally an artist's palette and made magnetic by gluing on a piece of metal sheet. it comes with 4 pieces of handmade mosaic magnets. the vintage images are taken from a license free source and reprinted on ivory paper.

the music scores are reprints of 19th century hymns on recycle paper

the roses are hand painted with acrylic paint using the one stroke technique. the board is further embellished with ink and aged with a brown stain. it is then sealed with 1 coat of sealer and 3 coats of gloss varnish.

2 tiny holes drilled on the top of the board and attached with 2 loops... finally a pretty yarn for hanging to complete this vintage magnetic board :)

:) i am on cloud nine :) another transaction at etsy :) thank you sunday girl! you've just made my day!

happy pimping! :)


  1. super nice!!!!!! congrats and i bet ur work will sell quick!! it's really good la..

  2. musings :))
    thank you! i'm trying so hard to recall you... i know i know you... pretty well!

  3. Tag, you're it! If you'd like to play, please come visit my blog. :)

  4. OMG Luthien this is gorgeous!!! I totally love it!!! You did a beautiful job and I love that you used the artist palette! Really wonderful! xo


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