May 9, 2009

arty placemats - peace series

remember this artist palette?

well... the last time round i made these into magnetic boards. i have found some larger sized ones in the art shop since. they measure approx 15 x 12 inches at the largest parts and i thought these would make perfect placemats! i'm bored with the normal square ones (the real placemats) so i was looking at these and thought wow! placemats can look "arty" too :)) so i tried them with my peace series :)

this is what i came up with :) ... made them in a set of 2 :)

but here's how it looks as a single piece.

first i painted the background in turquoise acrylics then i applied a layer of jo sonja's decor crackle, and finally another layer of charcoal acrylics. you can see the turquoise cracks coming through from the last couple of pictures. of course i cheated a little... on parts where i needed more cracks but the cracks won't appear, i distressed the black out to let the turquoise come through :))
me = cheater!!

in the following picture, the print you see is from a peace treaty signed in 1648... the treaty of westphalia... i thought it would be a perfect backdrop for my chinese characters which says PEACE of course :) or in cantonese "wor ping" (left to right)

then, the peace doodle, remember? i actually couldn't decide on which i liked better, so since this is a set of 2, i put a different one on each :)

and finally, the main feature is ... FLOWERS ... from the peace series

i was really surprised by the outcome... i think it actually looks oriental tho the only 'oriental' feature here is just the chinese words. but i like the result :) i'm sending these 2 to red envelope next week... hope they will sell :)

happy pimping! :) ... and Happy Mother's Day!


  1. I LOVE this!! What a unique placemat!!

  2. Just when I think I can't be more impressed, you add the WOW factor. I need to hit the lottery but quick so that I can get every one of the Peace series. Truly inspiring you are my friend. xxoo

  3. very nice placemat..HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you

  4. hello ladies :))
    thank you!! your sweet comments mean a lot to me :))

    carolyn :) lol!! you are such a dear! i love you just for saying this!!

  5. Well I guess I've been slacking coming here LOL! You have been creating some really wonderful things!! Love the place mats! What a great idea!! and of course I love your artwork on them!! Hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day also!! xo

  6. I love your blog, somehow i feel so peaceful in it and get to read everything opposite from my mind.
    ♥ this is beautiful!!


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