May 15, 2009

I AM IT :) i've been tagged :)))

lol! i've been tagged by 2 lovely ladies :) gayle from this artist's journey and julia from the spotted sparrow :) gayle is a fabulous watercolor artist who creates jewelry as well... totally inspiring and beautiful work :) julia is a papercraft expert... her blog is quirky, fun and filled with information and tutorials :) pls give these 2 lovely ladies a visit, i promise you, you will not regret it!

now for the tag :)

8 things i'm looking forward to :

1. watching my baby grow up
2. growing old with the man i love
3. more creations!
4. some more sales?
5. watching star trek another time?
6. seeing spock again?
7. new moon?
8. become fitter??

8 things i did yesterday :

1. surf the net
2. craft
3. paint
4. had japanese for lunch
5. had thai for dinner
6. spent time playing silly games with my baby
7. bought and assembled another drawer unit from ikea
8. dreamt about spock

8 things i wish i could do :

1. be born in the 80's
2. have another baby soon
3. convince myself to go to the gym
4. turn fat into cash
5. woodwork
6. act with viggo mortensen and james mcavoy
7. have some sort of supernatural powers
8. be an elf in middle earth

8 things or shows i've watched lately :

1. star trek
2. twilight
3. wolverine
4. fast and furious 4
5. interviews upon interviews on youtube
6. my baby sleep
7. lots of cartoon network
8. people passing by

8 of my favorite blogs :

1. manamoon studios
2. harbor hon
3. michele lynch art blog
4. reduced footprints
5. art and inspiration
6. penny duncan creations
7. pinch me to see if you're dreaming
8. the deco detective

what a fun way to get to know your friends better :))

happy tagging! :)
happy pimping! :)

May 14, 2009

etsy alchemy - completed!

YEAH!! i just completed a transaction at etsy alchemy :) a place where custom requests are made. dear dear sunday girl of bumbleberries quilt shoppe & boutique requested from me a similar "passion" magnetic board (see link) and this is what i made :) it's not exactly like the old one... i think this is so much nicer... really... the old one was my first ever attempt. this has so much more details in it :)

and for those of you who love patchwork and quilting, you must visit sunday girl's blog and her store at etsy :) her baby collection is the cutest! ever! she also has quarters in the most beautiful fabrics as well... for fabric lovers like me :)

well... here it is :

the board is originally an artist's palette and made magnetic by gluing on a piece of metal sheet. it comes with 4 pieces of handmade mosaic magnets. the vintage images are taken from a license free source and reprinted on ivory paper.

the music scores are reprints of 19th century hymns on recycle paper

the roses are hand painted with acrylic paint using the one stroke technique. the board is further embellished with ink and aged with a brown stain. it is then sealed with 1 coat of sealer and 3 coats of gloss varnish.

2 tiny holes drilled on the top of the board and attached with 2 loops... finally a pretty yarn for hanging to complete this vintage magnetic board :)

:) i am on cloud nine :) another transaction at etsy :) thank you sunday girl! you've just made my day!

happy pimping! :)

May 13, 2009

i'm on treasury !

OMG... michelle of SilverJewelOman has included my elephant series coasters in her EE LL EE PP HH AA NN TT treasury! this is soooo exciting :)) my first time! how cool is this :)) thank you michelle :))

hmmm.... i wonder how you can get that exact etsy treasury picture on here... i couldn't copy and paste. is there a trick to this??? those of you who know??

anyway, i'm still happy :)

happy pimping! :)

May 9, 2009

arty placemats - peace series

remember this artist palette?

well... the last time round i made these into magnetic boards. i have found some larger sized ones in the art shop since. they measure approx 15 x 12 inches at the largest parts and i thought these would make perfect placemats! i'm bored with the normal square ones (the real placemats) so i was looking at these and thought wow! placemats can look "arty" too :)) so i tried them with my peace series :)

this is what i came up with :) ... made them in a set of 2 :)

but here's how it looks as a single piece.

first i painted the background in turquoise acrylics then i applied a layer of jo sonja's decor crackle, and finally another layer of charcoal acrylics. you can see the turquoise cracks coming through from the last couple of pictures. of course i cheated a little... on parts where i needed more cracks but the cracks won't appear, i distressed the black out to let the turquoise come through :))
me = cheater!!

in the following picture, the print you see is from a peace treaty signed in 1648... the treaty of westphalia... i thought it would be a perfect backdrop for my chinese characters which says PEACE of course :) or in cantonese "wor ping" (left to right)

then, the peace doodle, remember? i actually couldn't decide on which i liked better, so since this is a set of 2, i put a different one on each :)

and finally, the main feature is ... FLOWERS ... from the peace series

i was really surprised by the outcome... i think it actually looks oriental tho the only 'oriental' feature here is just the chinese words. but i like the result :) i'm sending these 2 to red envelope next week... hope they will sell :)

happy pimping! :) ... and Happy Mother's Day!

May 6, 2009

peace series

it's been about 2 weeks now since i listed myself on etsy and put in some work of mine on consignment in red envelope. and i'm so happy ... i managed to sell 4 of my items already! sweet carolyn of harbor hon is my first etsy customer, acquiring the sun series magnetic board! YOU ROCK HON! red envelope managed to sell 2 items for me ... both from my elephant series : a coaster set and a key holder :) and the fourth was a custom request from a friend... a mirror-key holder also from my sun series :)) i am one happy camper!

being extremely encouraged and having my creative adrenaline pumpin' , i've been busy once again designing and painting my new PEACE SERIES :)

so far i've done up 3 designs ... 2 colorful ones and a doodle (2 doodles actually) . i can't decide which doodle i like better though...

i've got 2 more designs on the drawing board so i'll keep that for the moment. as soon as i get 6 designs... i'll put them on (yea... you guessed it) coasters!

but for now i've scanned the colorful ones into the computer, tweaked them and made some key holders with them which are going into my etsy shop. i'd love to put these designs on magnetic boards and place mats as well but i've run out of wooden bases ... i'm just waiting for my carpenter friend to cut some more new ones for me :)


you can see that i have 'flattened' it to fit the wooden base and embellished it further with metallic pen

this is FLOWERS

i really like this one... i guess i'm bias cause it's in my fav colors :) aqua, turquoise, green and yellow for accent. i've also 'flattened' this design in the computer and embellished with metallic pens

as always... i love to hear from you :) PEACE!

happy pimping! :)