Apr 24, 2009

i'm so excited!

just wanna let all my lovely bloggie friends know that i am finally putting some of my stuff on sale! i am so tickled and excited by this move :))

yesterday i put in the first ever consignment of my arty stuff in a local 'new-age' shop called red envelope. i am so pleased that the owner of the shop has invited me to put my art in her shop. red envelope is pretty established in the city where i live and it's a collectors' haven, as the shop owner herself goes all over asia (and other places) to source for unusual items to sell in her shop. it's definitely not a shop that sells tonnes and tonnes of the same stuff all the time. so i am so honored that my items found their way there :)

today i also made a decision to list on etsy :) only 3 items for now but i thought 'heck' if i dun start i never will :) *big sigh* *fingers crossed* i dunno what to say, but i'm terribly excited at what might come out of this :)
my etsy shop is at this address ...

thanks for all your encouraging words and sweet comments for without them i dun think i would ever take this step :) i know it's as easy as sleeping or eating for most of you who have had years of experience in selling online or otherwise but believe me... this is kinda nerve wrecking for me, being my first time ... I'M A VIRGIN! but jokes aside... from the bottom of my heart... thank you all for your kind words and encouragement :) God bless...

happy pimping! :)


  1. Oh ... how fabulous and exciting! I hope that all of your items will sell quickly and the public will be begging for more!

    I think that one of these days we'll all be saying ... "we knew Luthien when ...". :)

    What a fabulous way to start the weekend!

    Small Footprints

  2. hey sf :)
    thanks so much! your other half visited my shop and left a real nice message ... both of you are so sweet, i'm so touched :)) thanks...

  3. congratulations..you just took one step ahead..go for it and good luck!

  4. thanks azah :) hope something comes out of this :)

  5. How exciting - congrats on being featured on red envelope and on making the Etsy desicion. I hope you do really well!
    Have a lovely Sunday!

  6. I'm so excited for you, congratulations. I have to go check out your etsy shop. I know you will do well, you have such wonderful talent.
    Hugs 8)


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