Apr 25, 2009

elephant key holder

this one was a fluke :) my interior designer friend was cutting up some broad boards in his workshop and there were some left overs. so i told him to cut some 6 x 6 inch blocks for me and see if they inspire me to do anything. well... they did :) this is what i came up with...

it's supposedly another key holder :) i painted the base in black acrylic then used texture paste to create the stoney texture you see on the sides of the board. i then let the paste dry out for 24 hours before stippling on gold and brown paint to create the 'earthy' look. then i decoupaged a reprint of my elephant doodle in the center, sealed with 1 layer of all-purpose sealer and finished it off with 2 layers of triple glaze gloss varnish. finally, the brass hooks went on.

i was pleasantly surprised with the result :) so i guess... some more broad board key holders?

happy pimping! :)


  1. look so classic but pretty and neat...another hot item for sale I guess

  2. It turn out great! Love the earthy African feel that it shows.

  3. thank you for your lovely comments ladies :)

  4. Luthien,

    You and your friendship give me hope.

    Thank you for that.

    Love Melissa


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