Apr 29, 2009

decorative magnetic board

just completed another magnetic board last night. i found this wooden base in an art store and thought it looked really cool... not knowing what it was for :) but now i know... i googled and i think it's a chopping board! it measures about 14 inches from handle to bottom, but the 'chopping' area is just around 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches. so like the last time round with the art palettes, i cut out and glued a piece of metal sheet on the chopping board to make it 'magnetic' ;)

then i painted it in olive green and had intentions to create a crackle surface. so i applied a layer of jo sonja's decor crackle and then another layer of rich gold (metallic acrylic) and waited for the gold to crack. well... it didn't. i have a theory now... though i need to test it further... my guess is metallic paint don't crackle. so instead of a crackle surface, i added some water to the metallic gold, made it shrivel and proceeded to remove some of the gold paint to create the distressed look instead. that worked out beautifully. i further enhanced the distressed look with a little bit of aging by staining it. i am actually quite pleased with the result :) you can see the distressing and aging best on the handle of the chopping board.

the next step was to embellish it with some decoupage of a poem and an image of my sun design :)

i also saw some words that caught my attention on the poem so i highlighted those words and made little green paths from or towards the sun, depending on how you wanna interpret it :) to do this i used metallic pens.

but magnetic boards must come with magnets! magnets... homemade :) by gluing raw magnets to little mosaic pieces are so cute! i just love them... so does my little girl because they are always disappearing from my art box and ending up in her toy box!

as always, i finished it with a layer of sealer and 3 layers of gloss varnish :) it will last for ages!

happy pimping! :)


  1. Really, really like this! Great job! The crackle would have been great, but work with what you have, this TURNED OUT FABULOUS!

  2. hey cindy!
    thank you!! yea...the crackle could have been nice but i think i'm really liking the peeling now :)) but i must give the crackle another try to confirm my theory.

  3. This is just absolutely and completely amazing work, well done!

  4. hello karin :)
    welcome! and thank you for the lovely comment! hope to see you again soon :)

  5. Luthien,

    Your words are so healing.

    Thank you for your love and comments.

    Love Melissa

  6. Hello my friend! Coming back slowly and trying to keep up with the spotty wireless connection. Thanks for visiting while I was ill and for the comments. Meant more to me than you know.

    I think the cutting board piece is your crowning glory. Why aren't you featured in a magazine somewhere? Mosaic magnets ... I love it! Never would have thought of that. I think I like the way the gold turned out better than being crackled too. Gives it a smoother appearance the way you did it. The ideas in your head just blow me away and your sense of what goes together is unsurpassed. Seriously.

    Thanks for always sharing your great ideas with us. You rock my friend! xxoo

  7. Just went back to view your other posts and found out this was for sale. Guess who bought it? Yep, that's how much I love it. I wish you much continued success in your Etsy endeavor. I'll definitely be checking again. :) xxoo

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  9. This is beautiful, Luthien! I love your suns =)
    Hope you're having a lovely Monday!
    Trudi xo

  10. melissa :)
    hope you will feel better and at peace again in time :) time heals ... it's true. have faith :)

    carolyn :)
    *grinning from cheek to cheek* thank you for the wonderful wonderful message!!

    hmm... magazine?? that would be great isn't it? *wishful thinking* ... you know handmade things in malaysia are not really happening... no one really appreciates handmade... when ppl say handmade here, it's like ... oh.. cottage industry.. cheap, old fashion *shrug* the syndrome of countries which are just coming out of the 'developing' status i think (just my opinion tho) ... like we are more excited about factory made stuff,'branded' stuff, they "seem" classier *shrug* ... maybe when we settle down, ppl will start to appreciate handmade things again :)
    BUT... :DDD YOU ROCK!! just the fact that you like the stuff i make :)) and THANKS a million for supporting me with the purchase! :)))

    trudi :) thank you! my monday was great! i found out 3 ppl just bought my art&craft ... so i am certainly on cloud nine :) still can't believe it :))

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog ... so glad I found yours ... fabulous pimped creations.

  12. I google magnetic boards because I was trying to figure out how to make my daughter a magnetic/cork bulletin board. Thanks for showing me some great ways to make it happen. I love your site and look forward to learning more in the future.

  13. smilynstef :)
    thank you so much!!

    nicole :)
    you are so welcome :)) i'm glad i could be of help! do come back often :)) looking forward to see you again :))

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