Apr 29, 2009

decorative magnetic board

just completed another magnetic board last night. i found this wooden base in an art store and thought it looked really cool... not knowing what it was for :) but now i know... i googled and i think it's a chopping board! it measures about 14 inches from handle to bottom, but the 'chopping' area is just around 6 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches. so like the last time round with the art palettes, i cut out and glued a piece of metal sheet on the chopping board to make it 'magnetic' ;)

then i painted it in olive green and had intentions to create a crackle surface. so i applied a layer of jo sonja's decor crackle and then another layer of rich gold (metallic acrylic) and waited for the gold to crack. well... it didn't. i have a theory now... though i need to test it further... my guess is metallic paint don't crackle. so instead of a crackle surface, i added some water to the metallic gold, made it shrivel and proceeded to remove some of the gold paint to create the distressed look instead. that worked out beautifully. i further enhanced the distressed look with a little bit of aging by staining it. i am actually quite pleased with the result :) you can see the distressing and aging best on the handle of the chopping board.

the next step was to embellish it with some decoupage of a poem and an image of my sun design :)

i also saw some words that caught my attention on the poem so i highlighted those words and made little green paths from or towards the sun, depending on how you wanna interpret it :) to do this i used metallic pens.

but magnetic boards must come with magnets! magnets... homemade :) by gluing raw magnets to little mosaic pieces are so cute! i just love them... so does my little girl because they are always disappearing from my art box and ending up in her toy box!

as always, i finished it with a layer of sealer and 3 layers of gloss varnish :) it will last for ages!

happy pimping! :)

Apr 25, 2009

elephant key holder

this one was a fluke :) my interior designer friend was cutting up some broad boards in his workshop and there were some left overs. so i told him to cut some 6 x 6 inch blocks for me and see if they inspire me to do anything. well... they did :) this is what i came up with...

it's supposedly another key holder :) i painted the base in black acrylic then used texture paste to create the stoney texture you see on the sides of the board. i then let the paste dry out for 24 hours before stippling on gold and brown paint to create the 'earthy' look. then i decoupaged a reprint of my elephant doodle in the center, sealed with 1 layer of all-purpose sealer and finished it off with 2 layers of triple glaze gloss varnish. finally, the brass hooks went on.

i was pleasantly surprised with the result :) so i guess... some more broad board key holders?

happy pimping! :)

Apr 24, 2009

i'm so excited!

just wanna let all my lovely bloggie friends know that i am finally putting some of my stuff on sale! i am so tickled and excited by this move :))

yesterday i put in the first ever consignment of my arty stuff in a local 'new-age' shop called red envelope. i am so pleased that the owner of the shop has invited me to put my art in her shop. red envelope is pretty established in the city where i live and it's a collectors' haven, as the shop owner herself goes all over asia (and other places) to source for unusual items to sell in her shop. it's definitely not a shop that sells tonnes and tonnes of the same stuff all the time. so i am so honored that my items found their way there :)

today i also made a decision to list on etsy :) only 3 items for now but i thought 'heck' if i dun start i never will :) *big sigh* *fingers crossed* i dunno what to say, but i'm terribly excited at what might come out of this :)
my etsy shop is at this address ...

thanks for all your encouraging words and sweet comments for without them i dun think i would ever take this step :) i know it's as easy as sleeping or eating for most of you who have had years of experience in selling online or otherwise but believe me... this is kinda nerve wrecking for me, being my first time ... I'M A VIRGIN! but jokes aside... from the bottom of my heart... thank you all for your kind words and encouragement :) God bless...

happy pimping! :)

Apr 21, 2009

an extension of my sun & moon series

the shop owner suggested that i should come up with something that held keys ... where ppl can just come home and plonk their keys at a certain place or a certain holder. so this is what i came up with using my sun design...

click on images to enlarge

as for now i dun have a carpenter who can cut bases for me yet... i'm seeing one end of this week tho :) so for this one ... the base is the ikea malma mirror. i tilted it because i thought the diamond shape goes with "new age" better :)) painted the wood using acryllics, printed my sun to size ie. the face fitting the size of a coaster (yes, the base of the face is a coaster :) ... see how you can kill 2 birds with one stone?) , then decoupaged and embellished, inserted 5 hooks and now we wait and see what the shop owner says :)

of course i would also love to hear what you think about it, can this sell? or too homemade for you?

happy pimping! :)

my elephants are out!

my elephants are out!

it's 5 am now and i'm reeeeeeally tired so i'm just gonna post photos of my elephant artwork on canvas in the 5 colors i painted them in, an elephant doodle cos i thought that it would make the set of 6 more quirky and then the coasters that came out of it :)) sorry for the incoherency and the very short post... still i'd love to hear from you :))

happy pimping! :) and nighty night... zzz

Apr 18, 2009

sun & moon take 2

let me see... this is the first time i've picked up my painting brushes again in ...*counting fingers* ... about 3 and a half months? well... i haven't painted or crafted since christmas presents. i thought i had forgotten how to :)

so ... sun & moon series take 2. (i'm sure some of you will remember i had a "take 1" in one of my earlier posts :) ) . well, take 2 started with me being inspired by "twilight", i'm not going to go on and on about it because if you have a teenage girl in your family i'm sure you must be already bored stiff from hearing how 'hot' edward cullen aka rob pattinson is. anyway, i'm a fan so i was inspired to create an artwork from the book series (yes... i read them all... what can i say, i'm a hopeless romantic :) ) but... ah... but, that art is not complete so i can't show it to you. but i can show you what grew off a piece of it...

the sun ... which came from my now-being-put-on-hold "twilight" piece evolved into sun & moon take 2. this is because i've been approached yet again by the 'new-age' shop owner, asking me to quickly put some of my stuff in her shop to sell. so i thought... well, my favorite, coasters first :)

here is the original sun, moon, yin & yang which i designed and painted on canvas :

these serve as my base pictures.
i then scanned the art and resized them in the computer to fit the coasters. printed them out, cut and added embellishments (if you look at the 2 sets of 6 coasters below, you can see that the patterns on the suns' and moons' faces / rays are different :) ). then i sealed them with a coat of sealer and 3 coats of gloss varnish.

set 1 (click to enlarge)

set 2 (click to enlarge)

i'm also passing her the other two sets of vintage coasters i made a while (long while) ago :)

i'm now waiting for the handmade boxes i ordered from a box maker this morning (designed to fit 6 to 7 coasters) ... and then... i'm putting my stuff to sell! yeah!! finally!!

at the moment i'm working on another series ... my elephant series :) which i will show you as soon as i'm done :) i'm so excited!

happy pimping! :)