Mar 16, 2009

another costume and how to make a fabric flower

a couple of posts ago i wrote something on a costume headgear that i made last year (click on the links to see) well... here's another costume i conjured up. while the silver costume was to represent 'winter' ... this one represents 'summer'. i made 4 sets of these... in pink, blue, green and orange (think it's the orange you see in this picture... or perhaps the pink... can't really tell in this lighting!)

basically i made everything from scratch (both male and female) except for the pants.

the male dancer's pants i bought, then added embellishment (which unfortunately you can't really make out in the picture, but it's a cluster of fabric flowers on the right thigh area, just like the ones on the female dancer's head). and of course the male dancer's wig is bought as well :)

the female dancer's pants is a recycle. i had 4 lycra tights of the above mentioned colors which have run it's course as costume :) so instead of throwing them away i added bell bottoms and a belt :) if you are an ikea fan... you might notice that the fabric is from ikea's curtains section :D i just loooooove this fabric!

of course, the recycled pants inspired the rest of the costume :) like all recycled things do (just kiddin :D)

the male dancer's top is made out of the same ikea fabric and white PVC. and he spots a groovy arm band as well made from white PVC and a plain colored fabric which i bought to match the colors of the recycled lycra tights...

the female's top is a cropped top made from again, similar combination of PVC and fabrics :) . the headgear, using similar techniques of aquarium tubes and wire as the base ... i added 3 large fabric flowers onto the base where the flowers sit snugly on the top to the left of the dancer's head.

see what just 4 pairs of different colored lycra tights can inspire? don't ask me how i sewed the costumes because i honestly cannot remember. i am not trained in tailoring, i just sort of throw things together, use some common sense when it comes to cutting, and use my own body as the model.

and so... this is spring, summer, fall and winter in a nutshell :)

with me playing the "minstrel" that brings the seasons together :) ... if you're wondering about the make up? it was inspired by queen amidala :))

p/s ... i also use the "summer" costume, all 4 sets, in 70's night themed shows...

how to make a fabric flower

i thought it would be nice to share with you, how i made the fabric flower :) perhaps you could adapt it in some of your own work of art :)

1. the flowers as in the headgear

2. cut a strip of cloth. this one is 6 inches deep, as for the length, it's up to you how large you want the flower to be.
note : use a stiffer fabric so your flower won't flop ... satins and silks don't work unless they are really small flowers :)

3. fold it in half, so now you basically have a 3 inches petal

4. sew 2 lines to seal the fold. i use black thread here so that it's clearer. i also didn't bother with the frails at the edges... but if it bothers you can actually fold it in and sew it up in which case you will have to a less than 3 inch petal.

5. thread a wire through and in between the two lines.
note : make sure that the length of your cloth is at least DOUBLE the length of the wire. the more crease you want in your petal, the longer the strip of cloth should be in ratio to the wire.

6. secure the edge of the wire by turning it into a loop and tightening the loop

7. this is how it should look if your strip of cloth is DOUBLE the length of your wire.

8. all that's left is to twirl it into a flower :)

hope that's clear enough :) and do try your hands at it :) you could make it tinier or larger, try it with thinner wires if you don't want it too stiff, sew it on a top or a hat, make a bunch and use them simply as home decor... have fun!

happy pimping! :)


  1. Your work is so beautiful! You are truly talented! I love the season series!

    And love the picture of you! :)

    Have a wonderful day!

    Small Footprints

  2. Oh Luthien! Your costumes are amazing! Love the makeup too. You make such a cute minstrel. What a great artiste you are! xxoo

  3. So nice to see you back! Gorgeous gorgeous costumes and I love the materials used to create them. And thanks for the tutorial on the flowers!

  4. once again thank you for all your wonderful comments :))) i really appreciate them and to know that ppl actually are interested in what you blog... it's really rewarding :)))

    sf :) yea... i love this series too... gives me an ethereal and other-worldly feeling... i'm a romantic at heart though my friends always say i look like i'm about to beat them up!
    p/s i didn't tell them it's part of my in-built defence mechanism... lol!!!

    carolyn :) HA! and i thought the make up looked a little crazy and intimidating and here i have you calling it cute :))) but thank you! i'm gonna take that as a compliment!!

    kudzu :) i knew you'll like the fabric flower :))) looking forward to see your creations with it :))

  5. These costumes are So beautiful Luthien, almost as lovely as you! ;-) And you're always such a gem for including tutorials!♥

  6. You are so talented! The costumes are wonderful and I loved the fabric flower tutorial!

  7. thank you sharon and catherine :))

    erm... sharon... you know you are making me blush ;)

    i'm glad you liked the tutorial catherine... so simple to do and the effect is great :))

  8. Your tutorial is wonderful - thank you for sharing it!

    And those costumes are just truly amazing! You know, I thought I recognized the make-up but couldn't place the name, until you wrote "Queen Amidala"! Well done! =)

  9. Luthien,

    I am constantly amazed at your talent. I wish some would rub off on me.

    You are simply amazing, my sweet friend.

    Love ya.


  10. dear WP and melissa :)) thank you so much for your sweet comments!

    wp :) i've always loved the way they did QA's makeup so i had to do it when i had the chance!

    melissa :) i'm quite sure that you have a hidden talent which you haven't yet discovered ... or... that you're not tellin us about ;)

  11. Dear Luthien,
    Thank you so much for your amazingly nice comment... I've answered your question in the comments section of the post. But I wanted to add that you come across as a very positive and generous person yourself!
    Trudi xo

  12. Luthien,

    You know what? I am so glad that you are my friend.

    Love Melissa

  13. Hi Luthien,

    Just wanted to let you know that our friend, Argentum Vulgaris, is a guest blogger on Reduce Footprints today. If you'd like to read his article, here's the direct link:

    Have a great day!

    Small Footprints

  14. WOW! You are quite the seastress, aren't You are so creative! What fun to be part of a show and also to be the costume designer. I'm impressed!

  15. Dear Friend,

    How are you doing these days?

    Love Melissa

  16. Luthien,

    I just adore you.

    Thank you for your sweet words and thoughts.

    How strange about my other blog not working. I cannot figure out why, but am glad that you can get into it now.

    Love Melissa

  17. Luthien,

    Thank you so much for your prayers.

    You are wonderful.

    Love Melissa

  18. Thank you for visiting my new blog and for being my first follower. You are such a dear. I will be sure to enter you in my giveaway. Goodluck!
    I love your fabric flowers, I don't think I've seen any of your work that I don't love.

    Georgianna aka SundayGirl

  19. Luthien,

    Your words were healing and helpful to me.

    I am so thankful that I have you as a friend.

    I really felt comforted by your words.

    Love Melissa

  20. This is absolutely fabulous!! Thank you so much for posting the link on your party post!! I've wanted to know how to make these fabric flowers for ages and am bookmarking the post so I can return later with my sewing machine, LOL!! Hugs♥

  21. hi, just wondering what type of wire you used on the flowers? I tried a wire hanger and it was too hard to twist!! Thanks


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