Feb 11, 2009

recycled cereal packets anyone?

mother in law was complaining that baby llara's color pencils were all over the place :) and i just finished a packet of toasted oats from white's ... so where's the connection?

1) toasted oats pack from white's ... empty

2) toasted oats pack disected

3) add a similar size checked material inside toasted oats pack

4) add a zip through the middle

5) make a couple of strips from the same checked material

6) sew strips to top and bottom of the pack to sort of keep it together ...

7) emm... if someone with better sewing skills did this, it will look way better than this :)

8) but no matter ... served it's purpose

9) baby llara's seems to be quite pleased ... mil is too :)

i just wonder how long this impromptu 'pencil case' would last in her little hands ... :)

happy pimping! :))


  1. Now isn't that doing some thinking!

  2. Hi Luthien,
    I already commented once here. I don't know if you received it or not, just delete this if you did. I just wanted to tell you how clever this project is. I never would have thought of doing that. How does Llara like it?

  3. hello cindy :) thanks for the visit! hope to see you again :)))

    sunday girl :) thank you! lol! llara is her normal indifferent self :) wondering why her pencils are in there instead of cereals, i think! :)))

  4. Luthien, what a lovely and creative idea. I think you did a wonderful job. How many of us would have thought of that? My, how your mind works ... I love that about you. xxoo

  5. This is so cool. I wish I made practical stuff like this.

    I loved your comment on my drawing. Thank you for saying that the girl looked like she had been waiting forever. I actually didn't see that until you pointed it out!

  6. hey carolyn,
    thanks :)) but i'm sure many ppl especially those who are real recyclists have thought of ideas like these and even better ones already :) i do have another cereal pack (not finished)... i think i'm gonna try making a couple of tissue packs from it :) same technique, just without the zip... we'll see :)))

    hey zom ;) thanks!! that was a unique drawing you did there. i loved that one :)))

  7. Um... you're know you're a genius right?!? And that you could easily list these on Etsy and sell them?? (just a thought *winks*) LOVE IT!!

  8. Such a great idea. Never would have thought to do that with my leftover packaging. I bet it keeps the pencils fresh too!:o)

  9. sharon :) i'm no genius! you see these ideas everywhere in all kinds of forms :))) would anyone buy these??? they are not exactly very "pretty" you know.... lol! but thanks for the sweeeeet comment :)))

    gayle :) lol!!! i bet the pencils feel the same!!!!

  10. Actually there's a whole generation (my oldest son's age - 20s) who would LOVE these. They don't go for "pretty" they go for fun & funky.

  11. awesome-ness. I can't wait to try it!!!

  12. What a great idea for such a cute little girl!

  13. Yet another *WOW!* for you, my dear! Reduce, reuse, recycle ... you did it all here! Brilliant!

  14. This is so cool,creative and saves the environment at the same time!

  15. i love it girl!! u truly are creative.... and ingenius!!!

    puts us all to shame.. ahahah

  16. I *still* have not tried this. It's on my to-do list! How long did this take? Is it something that my 5-almost 6-year old can do?


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