Feb 20, 2009

a costume headgear

ha! guess what i found hidden on top of my storage boxes on the topmost shelf in my store-cum-study :) (yea... we are short of rooms in my condo so the study, my art area, and the store are all in one tiny room) ...

a couple of UFOs! ... lol!
sharon of mana moon studios calls these "unfinished objects" :))

this... is in fact, a headgear. hard to believe, but it is... it is the base of a headgear that i made last year. i made 4 of these for a show but in the end we only needed 2 so there are 2 of these bases left.

basically, i "sculpted" these bases with wire and aquarium tubes :) the aquarium tubes give them a bit of "perceived mass" and as you can see i could also decorate the tubes with a sprinkle of sparkles. but to "sculpt" it into the shape i wanted, the tubes needed strength and flexibility... hence the wires inside :)

this is the other UFO, more "finished" than the first one. i have stuck and sewn (with fish string as tread so it can't be seen) a piece of durable plastic sheet behind the base. i wanted to decorate the headgear a little more but i also wanted it to look sort of transparent from far... that's why i thought of plastic sheet as base.

and this is how the finished headgear looks like. from afar, you wouldn't even notice the plastic sheet. i've added some ready-made sequined trains and a centerpiece (which is in fact a christmas tree ornament) to the 'head' part of the headgear. the back celtic-feel designs are made by placing the headgear over the celtic design drawn on paper, and then tracing the design with glue on the plastic sheet, and then patiently sprinkling the sparkles or silver dust over the glue... phew! that was as hard to explain as it was to make! (you can click on the pictures to get a closer look)

the rest of the costume is made up of a leotard, a hipster belt and a choker both used by belly dancers, and a little "wing" which i made from sewing 2 sets of cuffs on a piece of sequined material.

hope you've enjoyed that :) as for the 2 UFOs... well, when we need 4 of those headgears, they'll be there :)))

happy pimping! :)


  1. Luthien, I'm having trouble posting a comment. Did you get the last one about your most recent post?

  2. That is SO amazing. I love decorated headgear like in Vegas. Is there anything you can't do? I am in awe of you girl. You totally rock the artistic world! xxoo

  3. Wow Luthien ... it is beautiful ... and how creative. I never would have guessed that you used aquarium tube. The finished product is lovely!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Small Footprints

  4. Luthien what I said was that I think these are tremendous and do you have others you've done for other shows you can show us? I would love to see them. I also wondered what became of these things when the shows are over? 8)

  5. thanks carolyn :)you are tooooo sweet!!!!

    thanks sf :) we use aquarium tubes in lots of our costumes... they are really versatile :))

    thanks sunday girl :) yea... i do have some more... i'll have to take pictures of them :) our costumes are recycled :) because we mix and match a lot so we can change and reuse them. i have used this one several times ... sometimes we get similar themed shows... this one was actually made for "4 seasons" representing winter. we could reuse these in "a magical night", "enchanted evening", "bedazzled"... this costume fits in all of these themes :)if we add feathers or boas to it, it can even be used for a "night in broadway", "welcome to vegas" :))

  6. Luthien,

    Not only are you gorgeous, but sooooo talented.

    I need to remember UFO. Love that!

    Have a great weekend.

    Love Melissa

  7. WOW!! This is SO amazing!! What a cool find and incredible piece you designed!!

    Oh, I added you to the new UFOs list on my blog. ;-)

  8. Wow...that's very clever!You should be a costume designer!!

  9. Luthien,

    It may not be you in the photo, but you still are gorgeous.

    Love Melissa

  10. Wow, VERY cool! She looks like a butterfly princess wearing the headdress!

  11. That is FABULOUS! How very creative you are!

  12. I'm wildly impressed! It looks gorgeous, I'm sure it looked great on the show!
    I also loved the pencil case you made for your daughter (who also is gorgeous by the way). I have a lot of respect for people who make cool stuff out of almost nothing.
    Have a lovely weekend Luthien!

  13. hey ladies :) thank you for the sweet comments :)))

    melissa :) you always have such nice things to say :))) UFO is cool isn't it ! hihihi!

    sharon :) glad to be on your UFO listing! but the other 2 are gonna take light years to finish!!!

    mindee :) dun you know i'm already class-act's free-of-charge costume designer ;p

    jen :) she is one of my better dancers. she first wanted to dance when she saw one of our shows on stage. apparently my assistant told me she found her way to the backstage and asked to be trained to be a professional dancer! gosh i was so touched when i found out. to think that a young girl from nowhere was inspired to become a dancer after seeing one of our shows! so now she dances for us :) really dedicated young girl :)

    WP :) thank you!

    trudi :) oh yea... this one really looks ethereal on stage esp when the lights are on it :) and to think that i made it out of really inexpensive stuff!! and thank you for your sweet comment on my baby :) ha! the cereal pack is still intact... for now... lol!

  14. Wow! That's pretty amazing! Happy Birthday.

  15. Jeepers! That's quite a project!! I would think just getting the balance right for someone to actually wear it would be quite challenging! Nice job!

  16. Hi Luthien, I know you're very busy these days so when you have a moment please stop by my blog as I've left you an award. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  17. Hi Luthien,

    Just wanted to drop by and say "hi". Hope you are having a deliciously busy and fun time!

    BTW ... hope you'll be celebrating Earth Hour 2009. :)

    Small Footprints

  18. Hello again! Thank you for your sweet comment! =)

    There is no paper or ink involved. I just made parts of one image (transparent), then I layered two images together and saved it as a (third and separate) image. So the first image is opaque, the second image layered over it has some transparent parts to it. =)


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