Jan 25, 2009

overwhelmed ...

i am feeling overwhelmed ... yesterday i received an email from sf of reduce footprints in response to the lemonade award that i passed on to her... and this is what she wrote :)

Hi Luthien,

I wanted to send you a little something ... just for you ... no one else has it ... it's not part of a "pass it on" game or anything like that ... it's just for you because you are so nice to everyone in the blogging community. You have a big heart and you make everyone feel good! So ... from me to you ... thank you for always having a positive attitude and being so kind to everyone who comes your way! You are appreciated!

Have a wonderful day!

Small Footprints

my goodness! there were no words to describe how i felt when i read her email ... i felt, all at once ... overwhelmed, grateful, touched, very happy, embarrassed plus so many other indescribable feelings ... my eyes went wide! no kidding! it's like ... she made this especially for me! wow! you know the feeling that bombards your heart all of a sudden, making it ache so much that it feels like bursting?... well i had that feeling yesterday ... i'm feeling it now as i write ... though not as intense as yesterday, but yea... it's there :) i can't even write right!

thank you sf ... you totally rock!


  1. So do you, my friend!

    Small Footprints

  2. Luthien,

    What she says is true.


    Love Melissa

  3. What a beautiful gift for a beautiful woman who touches so many hearts! I can't think of a better person to receive this special gift than you Luthien. Cheers to SF!!

  4. I think sf picked the perfect person to give that sweet little personal award to. She's right that you are loved in the blogging community more than you know. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and your friendship. You rock too! xxoo

  5. You deserve it! You are such a thoughtful person!

  6. That is so sweet! And you totally deserve it. :)

  7. :))) thank you so much :) i just feel so blessed with all the support and friendship i've been receiving via blogsphere... you are all so good to me :)))


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