Jan 2, 2009

hello 2009 :)

another year has come and gone, one year older and hopefully a wee bit wiser :)) 2008 has been a year full of trials and tribulations for me. jobs were scarce and i was out of a job for at least 3 months in the 1st half of the year as well as the 2nd half of the year. being a freelancer, no job means no money. fortunately hubby did have some work. i shudder to think what the consequences would be if 2 freelancers in the family were out of a job at the same time. nonetheless, we managed to survive 2008 unscathed ... someone must be watching over us and i am truly thankful for that.

having said that, my time unemployed did present things worth rejoicing. i discovered art again and made use of my time creating art, discovering and reinventing self, but most of all, learning about life. i also discovered blogging and the gorgeous, kind-hearted and encouraging people in blogsphere :) who i am proud and honored to call my friends now :) i can't believe how much i have seen and absorbed and even felt through reading blogs of so many talented and beautiful people from all over the world. being unemployed turned into a blessing instead. nothing happens by chance ... there is always a reason for things to happen in a certain way though we may not know it at the time of the happening.

one of my friends sent me a new year sms. the message went along the lines of life imitating the ivory and ebony keys of the piano. white keys signify the good times and black keys signify the bad. the first thought that came to me was, we are constantly associating white with joy and black with pain. two distinct colors, two opposing feelings. it is only natural as we've been socialized for centuries to look at them this way. from the little i know about music, i always find that the white keys or the major keys of the piano create a perfectly straightforward melody... always bold, always bright and always perfect. yes... perhaps this is what joy is meant to sound like, straightforward and out in the open. whereas the black keys... the minor keys... create a kind of off-note, sometimes poignant, sometimes yearning and sometimes aching sound ... perhaps again these can be associated with sadness or trials. yet... if life were played only with white keys, it would just be a straight road without challenges... perfect sounding melody without feelings... no yearning, no sweet aching, no sense of hope. the existence of the black keys interlaced into the straightforward white keys, create a totally different feel to the melody and brings it up to a different level... changes the mood of the tune altogether... and i dare say making it more complex and unequivocally more beautiful. to appreciate life, is to appreciate it's joys as well as it's trials... for only when we've felt and understood pain, would we truly appreciate joy when it comes to us.

with that i would like to end today's post by accepting this beautiful award from sharon of mana moon studios... an exquisite artist who creates the most gorgeous jewelry. yet as you get to know her through her writing, her person is as gorgeous as that she creates. like the melody above, she has had her share of trials in her life, which she faced bravely. and now, the phoenix has risen from the ashes, and she truly deserves all the good things that is happening for her. she looks at life with such vigor that it rubs off on you when you read her posts :))) it does on me :)))

thank you sharon for thinking of me. but most of all, thank you for all the encouraging words... because of what you said, i actually showed some of my work to a new age gift shop near my place and to my delight, the lady is very interested with my stuff and has asked me to put some of my things to sell in her shop ;) i was thrilled to bits :))))

i am suppose to now 'award this award' ;) ... but i want to do something a little different this time ( i hope you dun mind sharon :) )... instead of awarding this to specific people today ... since it's new year... i will
spread the love of this award
to each and everyone
of you, that you
may have a soaring 2009 filled with hope and joy, love and peace, good health and fulfilled dreams...

and happy pimping! :)


  1. Luthien,

    Yeah!!!! I am so proud of you. That is wonderful that your work will be sold in a shoppe. You are an amazing artist and your talents are going to be recognized.

    New year and new doors opening for you, my friend.

    Much love.


  2. Oh Luthien, I wish I could put into words how beautiful your posting was but my heart is too filled and tears of joy are running down my face.

    Your elegant writing captured and moved me so deeply and you are so right. It is the balance of life that helps us to enjoy the good times and appreciate the difficult times, for the lessons we learn and the strength we acquire.

    More than anything you wrote though I am so very happy that you took the steps and found a shop to sell through. It's honestly all I've wanted, to pass on some of the incredible blessings and magic that's filled my life. To know that one small thing I've said has made a difference in someone's life is such a tremendous blessing, thank you♥

    I'm honored to call you my friend and here's to a magical year ahead filled with all the blessings life can bring.
    ~Namasté, my dear friend

  3. Thank you, and here's to a brighter New Year for all of us! Congratulations on finding a shop, and I know everyone will love your creations as much as we all do!

    And thank you for Spreading The Love, and passing it along to everyone! I'll proudly put it on my blog, and Spread The Love with you!


  4. Oh Luthien,

    I appreciate you and your friendship, too.

    I just know you will be successful in everything that you do.

    Love Melissa

  5. Luthien,

    You truly are the one with a heart of gold.

    Love Melissa

  6. Happy New Year, Luthien! May 2009 be a prosperous one for you and hubby in the freelance fields! Best wishes for the year!

  7. Luthien,

    You are the sweetest person on Earth. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I think you and your husband are the cutest couple I have ever seen. I saw the picture of you on your other blog.

    Thank you for lifting my spirits.

    Love Melissa

  8. Congratulations!It proves that talent and determination will get you there!Keep up the beautiful art work...and best wishes for 2009!

  9. Oh, what a beautiful, moving post. My own words are inadequate to express how much your words have touched my heart. Thank you.


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Luthien :)