Jan 23, 2009

another award! ... and a family plate :)

we had a great night last night! our show was a success :) two months worth of hard work and all it took was 30 minutes on stage... but it was well worth it :) and now... i have returned!

today i want to thank 3 lovely ladies for passing the above award to me. i've not seen this anywhere before... i think it's a fairly new one. it's called the lemonade award ... for blogs with great attitude and gratitude :) i was so tickled when i received the very same award from 3 different ladies and was itching to write about it but didn't have the time.

fran of fran caldwell at home was the first to pass this award to me. fran has a fantastic site which features her art (yes! she's an awesome artist... a real one, not like me :) ) and the work of other artists of her choice. if you are an avid art lover, please visit her, you will not regret it :) thank you fran :)

cindy of the ramblings at chippewa creek, passed me the award next :) i was taken by surprise because this was also the first time that she's commented on my blog (i think!) but really delighted that she thought my blog deserved this award. and i must apologize for not being able to explore your blog more because of my recent hectic schedule... but i will definitely visit you more often from now and from what little i saw... your blog is really cool! thank you cindy :)

dear kudzu of bits and pieces was the third to pass this award to me :) kudzu is a true and true crafter. her site is full of cute, whimsical crafts and she can make something out of anything! sometimes i'm amazed at where she gets all her fabulous ideas from ... and she never seems to run out of them! it's like the term 'artists' block' doesn't even exists in her vocabulary! thank you kudzu :)

well, now i'm suppose to nominate 10 blogs with attitude and gratitude and pass this award to them. i think i will not stick to the number 10 or a timeframe. so i'm gonna take my time and pass this award along whenever i think of a blog which deserves it :) for now i can think of :

sf of reduced footprints for her constant effort to make the world a better place
av of tomus arcanum for his no bull**** attitude of the world and for being genuine
carolyn of harbor hon for her beautiful and inspirational sunday posts that make me cry
sharon of mana moon studios for being there ... always encouraging, in the creative part of me
rose of what i made today for still believing in love and magic in this otherwise mundane world

there is another blog that i would like to pass this award to... but because it's a private blog and the subject is very close to the owner's heart, i shall ask permission first :) before i put the name of her blog here...

there are rules to this award (like any other) but i rather not state them. do as you will to this award and pass it on whenever or to whomever your heart desires ... we shall not be bound by worldly rules ... not here... not now :))

with this i would like to end this post with a family plate which i made a couple of years ago for my mother on her birthday. it's a combination of an old picture of my mom, my dad and little me :) decoupaged and decorated with painted roses on a crackle glazed background :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. Oh Luthien ... I *laughed* when I read your comment this morning - Thank you for this sweet honor and for knowing how I might respond! :D

    Have a beautiful day!


  2. Oh Luthien you're such a sweetheart! Thank you so much for this wonderful award! Ah, making lemonade out of lemons, I know several bloggers who are quite good at this. What a talent to be able to turn the negative into something positive - a true gift and very deserving for you. ;-) But my comment wouldn't be complete if I didn't add a *tsk, tsk, tsk* for your statement about Fran being a "real artist" compared to you... You know I love your work, how much I admire your creativity and talent and my prayer for you is that one day you recognize what a wonderful artist you truly are and see your work for the beauty it possesses the way we all do. ;-)

    Oh, and congratulations on the success of your show! I know you worked so hard so congrats on another awesome success!♥

  3. Hello Luthien. So glad your show was a success, but...I'm glad you are back to crafting. Congratulations on your much deserved awards. And about that plate--gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! I'm sure your Mother loves it. Take care.

  4. Luthien,

    You are such a kind soul. Congrats on your award. You deserve many. You are extremely talented and most of all, ever so gentle hearted.

    You are right, my 2nd blog is very private, so I will decline this award for that blog. However, I thank you so much for your love and friendship.


  5. Luthien, I didn't know you were putting on a show... shows how attentive I am. (AV notes to visit blogs more often).

    Thank you for the Lemonade Award. I guess that's better than a "lemon".

    I'll take it with me and stick it where it belongs...


  6. Luthien, you are most definitely among the most award-worthy bloggers I know! You never fail to inspire with your art, your words are always heart-felt, and you have a very cool sense of humor!

    This family plate is soooo very special! Your mom will absolutely LOVE it! And just look at "little you!" How adorable! Your creativity and talents never cease to amaze me. Rock on, my friend!

  7. :D

    rose :)
    i do know how you are with awards :) still glad i made you smile tho :) and what a coincidence... i came home and checked the mail box and your piece of peace has arrived! i am totally delighted :))) thank you!

    sharon :)
    lol! silly me never thought of the award as "making lemonade out of lemons!" still laughing at myself. but i am really touched by what you wrote :) thank you for believing in me :)

    sunday girl :)
    congratulations on your award too! i am so glad you are back in action! i've missed you :)

    melissa :)
    of course :) that's why i needed to ask permission first ;) you are a truly wonderful lady... may what you seek for come true in every special and joyful way :)

    av :)
    :DD lol! if you ever were to receive a lemon... it will one filled with honey and love :)

  8. oooh jen! you beat me to the comment :)

    yo girl! thank you thank you thank you! lol! never thought i had a sense of humor tho... always thought that people never understood my jokes and the silly things i say :)

    hey... i hope you are feeling better :) and thank you for the sweet comment you left in the "hello 2009" post :)

  9. Congratulations Luthien, I'm so happy for you.
    And I'm blushing over your comments :D
    I love the family portrait plate, the florals are beautiful!

  10. thanks kudzu :))) i'm tickled that i managed to make you blush :)))

  11. Congrats!
    And what a cool plate you made. I love it.


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Luthien :)