Dec 3, 2008

untitled ll

we are but travelers
we arrive

we check-in to our impermanent dwelling

we take-in the sights
we look, we listen, we feel, we muse
some fervent, some dispassionate
some see but do not learn
some search but do not discover
some stay in oblivion
at the end of our visit
are we fulfilled or frustrated
do we rejoice or regret

do we leave... a memory
do we leave... unnoticed...

art by jim warren


  1. That was beautiful and I've always liked that painting. It speaks to my soul especially because of the water. The words just about took my breath away too. Thanks for this sweet post. xxoo

  2. thank you carolyn, me being reflective again *sigh*

  3. That was lovely, Luthien! Did you write the poem? It was beautiful! So was the painting! This post gave me a real "Zen" moment!

    Take Care!

    Small Footprints

  4. yea... i wrote the poem... not much of a poem i'm afraid :( cos it doesn't really rhyme and the syllabus don't really tally :) just some random thoughts....but thank you for the lovely comment! the painting is by jim warren... another fantasy artist... he does fine art as well :) really glad you like them!


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