Dec 10, 2008

collage training or zebra crossing?

what a silly post title! but i'm feeling silly cause...

yipee! i bought another fab book! this one's on collage :) i am sooo excited! can't wait to go through this treasure :)

in the meantime, i painted this zebra print on a piece of canvas. i'm making more coasters so i want to use this as the background. initially i was thinking of scanning this and printing it on paper but the black motifs don't really come out sharp on the ink jet... i think it's because it uses too much black ink. i'm contemplating laser printing ... that i'll have to do in the office :) the other option is of course cutting the original canvas up :) this time i'm going to be using kitchen tiles for the base like what julia at the spotted sparrow did.

happy pimping! :)


  1. Never thought about painting my own collage papers. What a great idea - thanks for the inspiration. Would like to know how you like the book. I'm always looking for new art books.

  2. it is nice to be able to paint your own collage paper isn't it :) much more satisfying :) right... i'll go through the book and tell you how it is :) but there are lots of good pictures and projects by renown collage artists in there so it should be good :)))


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