Dec 25, 2008

christmas spirit award

i have been so caught up in this last week that i could only steal a few moments in blogland each day :) but i am so honored that i could finally receive and write something on the christmas spirit award i received from the sweetest lady and my friend, melissa at sunbonnet cottage. and it makes it all the more meaningful as today is christmas :)) thank you once again for thinking of me this christmas melissa :)

i now have to say 5 things about why i love christmas :)

1. the spirit of friendship
we do not celebrate christmas in my family but each year my husband and i go to a friend's place for christmas dinner... on rather christmas eve dinner. this is an occassion we look forward to each year. after the dinner we would just sit around absorbing the nutrients... lol! actually we sit around and catch up, absorb the warmth, the friendship and play with angel cards. this year we did rumi card readings :)

2. the food
chris is a great cook! every year we get to eat his sumptous roast turkey with slabs of butter and fab fruit stuffings :) we pot luck as well :) there was roast duck chinese herb style (from jason and i), roast pork meatloaf with stuffings (courtesy of nell and bf), hokkien fat noodles (courtesy of yen and gf). chris also managed to cook some mushrooms this year. we finished off this year's decadent meal with chocolate brownies and icecream! YUMMY! all in all we gorged ourselves silly... i can still feel the food in my tummy now :)

3. the shopping for gifts frenzy
in the past, this was one of the most exciting time for shopping for gifts. so many pretty things to choose from. it's also the best time to buy ornaments for costume making :) well... this year i didn't have to buy presents... so it brings us to

4. the gift making process
this year i made all my gifts :) it was a truly fulfilling process for me :) and i'm really grateful for the gift to create :)

5. the memories
each year we go home with warm and fuzzy memories of the dinner, the friendship, the moments, the warmth and the love we all share. and this year it was all the more greater... my first christmas with all my blogging friends :) you cannot know how grateful i am for all of you, your friendship and all your sweet words :)) i have seen nothing but kindness and encouragement here ... thank you all ... thank you for being my friend and filling me with the sweetest memories :)))

and now i have to spread this award :) to keep the christmas spirit rockin and rollin!
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all you have to do is pass the spirit on and tell us 5 things about why you love christmas :)))

no rush... you have 12 days to do it :)

have a blessed christmas and a smashing 2009!


  1. Luthien,

    You are one of the most spirited people I know. I am so thankful we have met each other and become friends.

    I wish you and your family a blessed Happy New Year.

    Love Melissa

  2. Oh my goodness Luthien, thank you so much for this beautiful award, you know I'm truly honored!

    I loved reading about the five reasons you love Christmas and your time spent with friends sounds perfect. It's truly the best part of the holidays.

    I know it's been so difficult catching up with all my lovely blogging friends while juggling the holidays but I'm really looking forward to posting about this wonderful award as soon as I can. Thanks again♥

  3. Luthien,

    My friend, it is you who has a generous heart. You always have such wonderful things to say about everyone.

    We are having a blizzrd today. Wishing I was in warm Malaysia visiting with you in person.

    Love Melissa

  4. Hi Luthien,
    Thank you so much for the award! The Christmas spirit has sadly disappeared a bit at the moment; I've got a couple of exciting projects planned and am looking very much forward to a new and shiny 2009 - for me it's the days before the 25th that put me in the Christmas mood =)

  5. Hi, just followed over from Sharon at Manamoon and am delighted to find all the wonderful inspiring ideas you have here. I will be back again soon. Margie in Ireland.

  6. Hi Luthien, Just stopping by to let you know I've left an award for you on my blog - a very fitting award for a wonderful friend.♥


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