Nov 13, 2008


the body is merely a vessel
reducible, degradable
fleeting, as moment
transient, as life

the mind and the spirit
reside within the transient
steadfast and sacred
define our worth

you can break my body
but you cannot break my spirit...

* fantasy art by luis royo


  1. The perfect words for how I was feeling yesterday, especially that last line. How intuative you are.

    Love that painting too. Thanks for sharing it. xxoo

  2. hello carolyn :)
    the words just popped into my mind for no apparent reason... perhaps it IS because i've read yours and jen's posts. so i thought i'll just write them down before i forget them. and the art is by a fabulous fantasy artist luis royo. i love his fantasy art. captures the essence of beauty and pain flawlessly...

  3. Luthien - thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This post speaks to me SO very strongly. Beautiful, profound words that we should never lose sight of. So eloquent and just perfect with the lovely artwork.

    Thank you again, my friend. You've lifted my spirit today.

  4. you are so welcome my dear dear friend :) my heart is glad :D

  5. Hi Luthien! First I want to say that this post was lovely ... thank you so much for sharing it!

    Second, I love silly. :)

    Third, I wanted to tell you that "tagged" is a game for bloggers. When tagged, one has to come up with 8 random facts and/or habits about themselves which they post on their blog. And then they tag 8 other bloggers. I, of course, always have to be a little different ... so I added one piece.

    The added piece of the game is that anyone who comments to my "tagged" post will get tagged.

    So ... you've been TAGGED!

    OK ... now it's your turn ... get busy. And don't forget to let me know when you've posted your 8.

    Have fun!

    Small Footprints

  6. Luthien,

    Such a beautiful poem and so true.

  7. thanks melissa :) words like these don't always come to me... so when they do, i just write them down :)


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