Nov 28, 2008

sun & moon & thank you sweet melissa!

i have been having some sort of dilemma with copyright. it all began when i started my journey on collage making, which was the last post! i've never had to think of copyright so far because all the work i post here are my own. and then when i started working with paper, naturally i get most of my images from magazines or the internet. and then it dawned upon me that i am actually using pieces of other people's creation or work in my art. hmm...... the most prominent one was an image of a sun & moon i got off the net belonging to an artist named richard neuman. it's a good thing that the art i made was not in anyway going to be used for profit making (ie. selling) so i hope mr neuman won't be too pissed with me and i've also added his link in that post (and here) for using his sun & moon image.

so this got me thinking. i really like sun & moon. not just mr neuman's sun & moon... but any sun and moon images remind me of the time i spent in england studying. it was also a time when i was first introduced to crystal healing and new age stuff. so i'm guessing... i'm gonna be using a lot of sun & moon images in the near future because i'm liking collage and mixed media a lot. maybe i should just CREATE the images i think i'm gonna be using a lot. then i'm just using my own paintings and wouldn't have this knawing feeling that i'm 'stealing' someone else's work.

last night... i painted these for starters... on small pieces of canvas.

i scanned them into the computer and wallah! i get my individual sun and moon images where i can use in my collage without guilt...

then i went a step further and put the 2 images together using a software called GIMP.

now i can have my sun and moon together in one image :))) and then, of course i had a naughty thought ... i put a watermark on them :DDDDD (rubbing hands in glee!!) LOL! i feel like a naughty girl who found some cotton candy and hiding it from mommy!

all in all i am quite pleased with this endeavor :)

and sweet melissa doubled the joy by sending me 3 awards! imagine... it is 3 or 4 am in the morning (my place) ... i just finished painting the sun and the moon, and feeling 'high' from wrestling with GIMP, trying and finally succeeded in putting the 2 images together, had a broad grin on my face when i printed the thumbnails out... then i see this little "1 inbox" appearing in my gmail tab. melissa of sunbonnet cottage has left me a comment saying that she's awarded me with not 1 but 3 awards! my goodness! i went into sunbonnet cottage and stared at my name and awards for quite a bit... first feeling excited and happy, then puzzled... now... what am i suppose to do? me being silly me... never been given awards before... stared at the 3 awards for like 5 minutes. then i scrolled through melissa's blog and saw that she's put the awards on the sidebar! LIGHTBULB! comes on... oh... i see.... then i wrote melissa a thank you message and reconfirmed on what i think should be done with the awards :)))))

i copied and pasted the awards into my computer. i remember telling myself... i'll do this tomorrow :) by this time i was "floating" ... needed to sleep... but i was feeling really really smug with everything! the sun, the moon and sweet melissa's awards! happy thanksgiving to me :) the psyche is well fed :)))))

and now *DRUMROLLS!* i pass these 3 awards to:

sharon of mana moon studios
balego of frayed brushes
AV of tomus arcanum
sf of reduced footprints
sunday girl of the crafty corner
sue of the corner garden
maryjane of the beehive cottage
rose of what i made today
carolyn of harbor hon
(carolyn i know you already go this from melissa :) but awards are never too many :)

everyone who's receiving these three awards have touched my life in certain ways and i thank you for just being you and for all the wonderful things you do and write about.

steps to claim the awards:

1. copy and paste them your blog
2. mention the awards in one of your post
3. pass the love on
4. tell 'em you love them :) (leave them a message to tell them to claim the awards :) )

happy pimping ! :)


  1. What a great story about the copyright inspiration for your sun/moon. Thank you Luthien for the awards. I'll do a post about them soon and add you with Melissa. I don't put awards on my sidebar anymore because I have so many it's hard to keep track of them. But, they'll be in my posts and my heart forever! :) xxoo

  2. Oh ... you made my day! Thank you, so much, for the awards. What a nice way to start the day!

    Small Footprints

  3. LOL carolyn... i'm sure of that! you are loved by many :))))

  4. Oh my! Your sun & moon designs are SPLENDID! I absolutely LOVE them, especially the two of them together! Very nice work, my friend!

    And thank you SOOOOOO very much for bestowing upon me such kind blog awards! I shall claim them for my own very soon, and pass them along to others. You're such a dear person, and I thank you so very much! :-)

  5. hey jen! i'm glad you like them too :))) it's not really what i always paint but i do think they're quite cute... but they both came out lookin like girls!!! ha! moon was really suppose to be female, sun looked like a male to me during the design stage... then something happened during the process... i definitely didn't realize it till i put them together... they both look like females! ah... what can i say... i'm just sexist!

  6. Luthien,

    I love your sun/moon drawing. It is exquisite.

    And you are most deserving of these awards. I am just happy that I could pass then onto you.

    By the way, I just e-mailed you.

    Much Love,


  7. I think the Sun looks male because of the eybrows ... he just has full lips. Just sent you my snail mail addy. You are such a doll! xxoo

  8. I saw the picture of the simply white furniture. Sorry to say that all I want to do is paint things on them!

  9. LOL! i know what you mean :) sometimes i do too... but they're too new!

  10. Hello Luthien,

    You did a great job on the sun and moon! Very pretty faces =)
    Thank you for commenting on my blog, it's much appreciated!

  11. Luthien,
    I love your work, beautiful. Thank you for the blog awards. You are too sweet. I am honored. I have been under the weather lately, but this sure cheers me up.

  12. I've been wanting to ask you Aunty June, why Luthien?

  13. thank you guys! thanks for all the nice comments, i really appreciate it... :)))))

    and simon... it gives me a lot of creative energy... it's part of me now :) aunty june's still good tho... i think we're shooting the next season in jan 2008! fingers crossed!

  14. When you can draw this beautifully, why wouldn't you make your own images?
    I love copying and cutting up my own images. Being able to reuse them in different ways.

  15. hello zom! welcome and thanks for the add! yea... i'm still new at this! hah! partly inspired by you :) i'm into mixed media now :) yea... i'm only just sussing out what i can paint and reprint, what i can't :)

  16. Isn't it fantastic how the inspiration goes around and grows?

  17. Thanks Luthien for the awards. That is soooo sweet of you... I have started blogging not so long ago, so for me, they are my first(s!). I wish I have more time to post, but by the time I am finished reading everyone fantastic blogs, I have to take care of my family... or go to sleep. I will post these awards soon then...

  18. take your time EJ... basically all these awards (to me) they are to show how much you appreciate each other... it's the thought itself ... take your time and give them to people you really want to give them to :)


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