Nov 3, 2008

secretly looking for craft stuff :)))))

i must confess. i've been secretly searching for stuff... for my new craft idea :)

yes jen (technicolor cottage), i'm still inspired by that earring holder you bought! i've been wanting something to hold my earrings for a long time now but never brought myself to do anything about it until... *sigh*

however... i am thinking of something more unconventional ;) knowing me! hope it works out. if it does, i'm gonna be a happy camper... otherwise... i'll ... cry but i'll live :)

here are some of the things for the holder... most of the stuff i found, the chopping board i bought from ikea (it's the perfect size) and i've drilled 2 holes in it ;)

other stuff for the earring holder : some left over chicken wire from my previous home renovation, white spray (bought), laura ashley checked fabric (leftover from my cushion cover), polyester underlay (also from my collection of leftovers), square garden stack (nicked from a friend's place), bamboo pole (from my bamboo blinds which disintegrated in the wind a couple of months ago), good ol' drill, some hooks and screws :)

so far, this is what i've done.
1. cut everything to size, drill whatever holes that need to be drilled and spray 'em white :)

2. curl the edge of the chicken wire. not so much for beauty, more to protect my eyes from being poked out!

this is how you do it... before spraying it white, use a needle nose plier and curl as shown

3. design motifs on tracing paper and transfer to pimped chopping board. the painting part is still work in progress

i shall finish painting this in a day or two then i shall start on the bracelet holder :) oh... forgot to mention that it's a 2-in-1 earrings and bracelet holder :))))) wish me luck!

happy pimping! :)


  1. Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh! I cannot WAIT to see the finished project! You've got my curiosity waaaaaaay up right now -- it looks like you're creating something VERY cool! Hurry up, woman! LOL!

  2. hahaha! yea yea yea... trying to finish it as quick as i can! i want to see the result as well... ooooo... hope it works, hope it works!

  3. Hi Luthien, thanks for stopping by my blog. Isn't it cool how we can be working in different mediums yet it is still the same thing, kinda. Whether on wood or paper, it is our creativity firing away.

    Amazing stuff you make. I secretly wish my creations were a little more useable, like lamps and tables. My house furnishings are pretty dull.

  4. hey zom! thanks for coming by :) yea...creativity is all in the head i think. doesn't matter what medium ... as long as there is imagination, anything in the hands can be turned into art :)

  5. I've been sitting here looking at the pictures and trying to figure out where you're going with this, and I can't imagine what the finished product will look like. It will no doubt be another ingenious creation! I'll be back to see. :)

  6. hello balego!
    nice to hear from you again :) i wuz wondering where you've been... i hope you're coming up with another masterpiece! i really wanna see your next painting :)

    oooo... it's not as complicated as you think... it's a really really simple idea but it serves my purpose :) which is what's important!

  7. I admire your craftiness. I have not one crafy bone in my body.

    It's a sad thing.


  8. oooo... dun say that. God made us all different but unique :) i'm sure there are things that you can do and i cant :) that's why we can all learn from each other :) God bless...


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