Nov 9, 2008

of flowers, fruits and country farm

here are 3 of my favorite decorative art projects :)

of flowers...

liliums are my mom's favorite flowers. when i saw this pattern, i couldn't resist not doing anything with it :) this pattern was for a tray actually, but i painted it on this milk tin instead. the liliums required dry brushing techniques (you can see it on the leaves and the petals) and that's where i learnt this technique for the first time :) come to think of it... i've never really used dry brushing after this... hmmm...

of fruits...

i saw some fruit patterns and i thought they would look really nice on placemats. these are ikea placemats made from cork. i stuck a piece of fabric at the bottom (which makes it a little slippery) because i didn't want the cork to fall apart with time!

of country farm...

this one is my first attempt at painting a country farm scene. it has always been flowers so i thought... hmmm... country farm for a change :) and my! what horrors await me :p... first, i had a real difficult time doing all the hills in different greens. at that time i only had like 2 green paints, i had to mix 6 different greens out of the 2 tubes! after that, it took me like a week just to get the layers smooth and the shadows and highlights right! phew! then it was putting the details in (personally i think the cow is too big :) ) i finished it off with a little aging using wood stain. after completing this project i remember saying i'm not doing another country farm! ... but this piece became my favorite piece of all time. i must do another country farm one of these days :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. Beautiful work ... truly lovely!

    I like the idea that you branch out and try something different (the farm scene). While perfecting what we are comfortable with is great, I think real growth happens when we take ourselves out of our comfort zone.

    Love your blog!

    Small Footprints

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!

    Happy Sunday.


  3. hello sf :)
    thank you! and you are right... it is the challenge that make us grow. it is in times of difficulties, we become resourceful and we are forced to think out of the box. :)

  4. hello melissa :)
    thank you so much! have a great week ahead :)

  5. I don't think the cow is too big. It looks just lovely. You have a great talent and I thank you for sharing it with us. I've got some catching up to do with your blog and you are going in my favorites right now. xxoo

  6. hey carolyn :)
    once again, thank you for your wonderful comments and putting me in you fav! have a creative week ahead and God bless :) hugs!

  7. I love them all! It is wonderful to stretch and to challenge ourselves, isn't it?!

  8. hi rose :)
    thank you! it is as you say... therefore one of these days i must try to do the art you do (the one which you did with many images shaped into a peace sign) i have been thinking of that since i saw it on your blog :) so very cool! have a creative week my friend :)

  9. Luthien, your work never ceases to amaze me! You are able to capture so many different styles, and you do it all so beautifully! The fruit especially "speaks" to me (well, if fruit could speak -- you know what I mean!). Your placemats would definitely beckon one to sit down and enjoy a happy, delightful breakfast each morning. The flowers you painted on the tin are gorgeous, and I love the sweet folk art farm scene! Keep expressing yourself through your many gifts. You inspire! :-)

  10. hello jen :)
    once again thank you! you are too kind to me... giving me all this nice comments and encouraging words! i love the latest post you wrote about family photos :) your flair in expressing yourself is always a delight to read. a bit of everything... humor, sarcasm, compassion and a lot of soul. keep telling us stories!

  11. You are a great artist, with a lot of creativity. Nice work. I will continue follow your ideas.

  12. thank you virginie :) i must say you are a great artist yourself :)

  13. Your work is absolutely exquisite! Loved my visit - will definitely be back for more! All the best ~ Sharon

  14. hello sharon :)
    thank you for the great comment :) and thank you for putting me in your fav :)

  15. The farm scene came out beautiful! In folk art things don't have to be in proportion, so don't worry about the size of the cow. It's great!

  16. hello catherine :)
    thank you for visiting and thank you for the advice :) hehehe... now i feel better :)

  17. welcome maryjane :) thank you for the visit and thank you for the lovely comment :) please come again. have a creative week!

  18. I love this! I think it's awesome! Do you live in Malaysia? I am glad you stopped in for a visit. It's nice to meet you. I will be exploring your blog further to see all of these great ideas.
    Tammy ;D

  19. hello Tammy :)
    thank you for stopping by. and thank you for the lovely comment :) i love your blog as well... am looking forward to your next post :) yes... i live in malaysia :)


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