Nov 18, 2008

my freezer paper has arrived!

yeah! my freezer paper is finally here from ebay :)

yes! i have to buy freezer paper from ebay. i searched the whole city, all the tesco-es, all the cold storage-s, all the carrefour-s... i can't find no freezer paper. let's face it, this country i live in doesn't use freezer paper. so i had to buy from ebay. it arrived today... the whole 3 yards of it :) and thus... tonight i'm going to try and print some fabrics ... my own design, on our hp bubble jet :) yeah!!!!!! wish me luck because i just recently read about this technique...

on to the next thing... i found a couple of really pretty and easy ideas from the september issue of martha stewart's living. so i thought i would like to share them with you :)

clipboard art

these are just normal clip files that you can buy from the stores. by just pasting some pretty paper on them, and a bit of imagination and color combination... wallah! how pretty and practical. i just love ideas like these... simple to make, pretty and most importantly, practical :)

here are the instructions, if you need them. but i think by just looking at them you would already know how they are made :)

pin cushions

another brilliant idea. i for one always have problems identifying my sewing needles. most of the time i'll have to find the tiny number etched on the needle. but by making designated pin cushions to keep track of the needles ie. denim pin cushion for denim needles, woven fabric pin cushion for woven fabric needles etc... you'll never loose track again. i would go one more step, and string the cushions together into a chain then hang it on the wall or something, so i won't have the cushions all over the place in my sewing box. if you want to be organize, then be organized :)

hope you find these ideas useful as well :)

happy pimping! :)
i know i would be... pimping fabrics tonight :)))))))


  1. Believe it or not, but I have never heard of freezer paper.

    How interesting!

  2. well, neither have i before i read the article on how to print your own fabric pieces :) now i'm eager to try :)

  3. I have never heard of it either, but now am eagerly looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  4. Printing on freezer paper. Neat! I need to find out about that one. Love the idea for the pin cushions for sewing needles too. Never thought about that. Thanks for the tips. xxoo

  5. hello jen :)
    tried printing last night but my ink ran out on me :( so i'm out looking for some printer ink now (lugging the laptop along) wanna try to get water proof ink :) but the technique seems sound... i just have to align my patterns on the computer properly :) get well soon :)

  6. hey carolyn :)
    yea... i thought the pin cushion thingy was such a brilliant idea :)
    tonight i'm gonna try to print on the fabric again. if i find some ink :) if successful i'll post the instructions. it's so exciting to be able to print your own fabrics (although only A4 size - printer only prints A4) but it'll be good for patchwork purposes or perhaps small pouches and bags :)

  7. Thank you for your comments on my blog. =) Yes, I do make the jewelry you see. It is all in my etsy shop. You have a great blog with wonderful ideas!

  8. hello WP :)
    thank you for visiting and for the lovely comment :) hope to see you again soon :)

  9. Wonderful ideas, thanks so much for sharing! I hope we get to see the finished results of your fun with freezer paper as well.♥

  10. I hope you'll post pictures of the freezer paper project ... it sounds fascinating! Also love the clip board art! Thanks for sharing!

    Take Care!

    Small Footprints

  11. hello sharon, sf :)
    i'm glad you like the little ideas as well :) and yea... i will definitely take pictures of the fabric if it turns out right. at the moment i'm needing a medium called bubble jet set to set the ink on the fabric otherwise it'll wash away :) guess it's gotta come from the internet again ;)

  12. I love the clipboard art. Very practical yet beautiful.

  13. hello gayle :) welcome :)
    yea... i like that as well... i'll probably do something like that and give away as christmas gifts this year :) nice to hear from you... pls come again :))))


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