Nov 21, 2008

magnetic paint... a disaster...

yesterday i went to a new an arts and crafts shop and spent a small fortune on craft stuff. i read somewhere that there is a paint called "magnetic paint" which can turn anything (practically) into magnetic surface, walls, wood, plastic etc... so i decided to get a can and try it out... since the reviews i read on "magnetic paint" were quite good. i also found this really cute paint palette cut-out and thought that it would be totally cute to turn them into little magnetic boards and give them away as christmas gifts.

i gathered from the guy at the desk that the magnetic paint only comes in 1 color. and after you've sprayed a couple of layers of the magnetic paint on your surface, you can top-coat it with normal paint in a color of your choice. and so i did according to the instructions.

well, i can tell you that i'm pretty unhappy with the result. the magnetic paint has certainly created a magnetic surface on the palette cut-out but it is very very weak. and there is like 10 coats of spray on that palette cut-out. it can hold only very very strong magnets and once you put a note between the magnet and the board... everything falls. so what's the use of a magnetic board that doesn't hold notes??

initially (after 5 coats) i thought i was doing something wrong and re -read the instructions. but no... everything was in place. then i thought perhaps the wood is porous. so i applied a coat of sealer and then sprayed it again with the magnetic paint. another 5 coats... still no difference. and to think that i still have to top-coat this... i don't think so... i really don't think anything will stick onto the palette after the top-coat. *sigh* what a waste of money and time...

i shall think of another way to construct the magnetic board because i still think a palette cut-out magnetic board is the cutest thing ever :) i am now looking at the option of zinc plates mounted on the palette and covered with fabric :) see if i can pull that off :)

conclusion: disappointed with "magnetic paint" !

not-so-happy pimping! :p


  1. Those palletes would have looked so cute as presents if it had worked and what a great idea.

    I have heard that the spray on stuff isn't so hot, but that the paint on kind is better. I can't corroborate that, but you might want to see if you can get a little can and try it out. xxoo

  2. Oh no! Sorry about the paint being poopy! It really would've been cute, had it turned out as you envisioned. But what is this, like 1 semi-failed project out of thousands of other perfectly gorgeous works of art? :-) (Just trying to help you look on the bright side! ;-))

  3. thanks ladies :) well... not all is lost... i'm gonna go ahead with the zinc plates. we'll see... we'll seeeeee :p

  4. Hmmm, I would agree that this had to be a frustrating experience. I did ask my husband about the paint and he suggested priming the wood before painting so the paint's not absorbed into the wood. I doubt you'd want to relive all that painting again though so I image you've moved on to more rewarding projects.

  5. yup... tomorrow is another day! i will buy zinc :)


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