Nov 23, 2008

just roses

i'm glad to say that i have gotten over the magnetic paint incident. i went to the hardware shop yesterday and bought a bundle of zinc. so i'm going to glue the zinc plates (which i already cut) to the cut-out palette instead. when i'm done i'll post some pictures. i have 6 to do :)))))

i posted some of my roses pictures in the gardenweb - tole and painting forum... a forum which i follow closely :) here are some of them.

this first one is painted using the one stroke technique. it is what it says... a "toilet" signage. it's now hanging on top of the toilet door in my friend's ballet school :) this is the only picture i have of it... because i didn't think of taking close ups.

this second one is a tissue holder. i've always been painting one stroke roses, but this particular one is painted using the 'normal' painting technique... which i find a lot harder to do. my first attempt at shading and highlights, that is why the roses look a little stark. the shading and highlights have too much contrast to them and the blending work is not at all subtle! ... it's not a failed project but just doesn't look as convincing as it should be :) anyhow i put a lot of work in this so i still like it :)

i kept this last because it has a story to tell :) this last one is again painted using the one stroke technique. it's a biscuit tin i recycled. i really enjoy painting this particular style of roses especially when i couple them with a crackle background... they give me a wild abandonment, passionate and romantic feeling. i call them my "dirty roses" :p on one side of this tin, which i'm not going to show here, is an sms message sent to me by my then boyfriend, now hubby :) it was a message that made me cry and decide to marry him :) so this tin is pretty dear to me... "dirty roses", sms message, wild abandonment and all... LOL!!!

hope you enjoy my roses and that little story there :)

happy weekend and happy pimping! :)


  1. Love the story, love the roses even if they are 'dirty' ones. That toilet sign is to die for! You do some really fine work. I watch that show on one stroke painting all the time and am amazed how beautiful the projects turn out. You are one fine treasure girl, glad I found you and proud to know you! xxoo

  2. carolyn, what a lovely lovely and encouraging comment! muah :o i am honored to have you as a friend as well... you bring lots of smiles to me each time i read your posts and each time you make a comment! God bless...

  3. You are so talented ... everything is just lovely. I had to laugh when you said you were disappointed with the roses done using the "normal" technique ... I thought they were fabulous. However, I live with an artist so I know ... the standards you set for yourself are probably impossibly high, right? The rest of us just think you are oh so talented!!

    Great story on the biscuit tin ... how sweet and romantic!

    Thanks for sharing your work!!

    Small Footprints

  4. hey sf :) thanks! LOL!!! yea... i guess so... when you're the one doin it, you'll know where it's gone wrong :))))) happy sunday :)

  5. Oh Luthien, I just love your work, so beautiful. I wish I had just a small fraction of your talent. I love tole painting, I just can't do it though. I'm envious!

  6. sunday girl you are so sweet to say that. thank you :) i'm quite sure you can paint if you put your heart to it. i remember your pumpkins! they are totally whimsical :) and you are so fantastic at sewing... they all come in a package (in a certain sense) you just haven't discovered your talent in painting yet. but it's there. :)))))

  7. Luthien,

    Your talents are beyond words. I am so glad to have such a talented friend.

    Your husband was very lucky indeed to find you.

    Thank you so much for your get well wishes. I hope you and your family are overcoming all of your illnesses.

    Think good health.

    Love Melissa

  8. As always, the photos of your work are pure joy to see! Your roses are gorgeous ... and I too thought the ones you weren't happy with were wonderful! Like you could reach out and touch them, put your nose to them and inhale. I love the story about the wonderful tin, and your sweet hubby! My hubby is a rose-giver (although he hasn't bought me any in awhile ... I think it's about time he did so again! ;-))

  9. thanks melissa :) i sure hope he agrees with you on that! LOL... oh... we're as fit as fiddles now :)

    hey jen, thanks again :) i do still like the tissue box roses, but next time i'll be more careful with the shading and all...
    ooooo.... tell him the story of the tin *hint hint* ...funny... i'm the rose giver here. my hubby is kinda cool you know...he's not as dramatic as i am... lol... we're a good match 'he coolly puts up with all my drama'!

  10. I'm so glad you were able to figure out a solution for your magnetic boards, I know you had your heart set on giving them as gifts.

    Your work is just exquisite Luthien, I'm in awe of the beauty you create!

    Hope you have a wonderful week my friend♥

  11. oh sharon :) what high praise coming from an artist who is synonymous with exquisite work! thank you so much :) have a creative week :)

  12. Your work is BEAUTIFUL painting & jewelery! I love the tissue box. Have a wonderful week~Maryjane

  13. thank you for the wonderful comment maryjane :) so glad you came to visit! happy thanksgiving! i know you'll cook up a storm :)

  14. Luthien,

    I always thought if I can read, then I could cook. That could not be any farther from the truth.

    I am a terrible cook and I hate to cook.

    We can be sisters of the heart when it comes to not cooking.

    Love Melissa

  15. Beautiful as usual Luthien. You should have been named Midas!


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