Nov 22, 2008

just a note on a new blog

in the last few days, i've been going through a lot of jewelry blogs. it started with mana moon studios ... i kept going back to look at the neckless she made for the competition. somehow greens always attract me. and that flower center piece ... i cannot imagine a bead can be so exquisitely beautiful... hmm... the beading community would probably kill me for making this statement! then one thing led to another and i went from link to link until i got lost in blogsphere! but when i finally came out, i thought of my own jewelry.

there was one point in my life, i was designing quite a few pieces of jewelry. not for sale ... just to satisfy the psyche. i was fascinated with natural crystals and i had a real cool collection of stones. i was working a lot with healing energy of crystals as well, so that went hand in hand. i had a friend who is a fantastic silversmith. she uses the lost wax casting technique in her art. so i sent my designs and my stones to her. i have always been a silver person so it was perfect!

i brought them all out from the jewelry box and fell in love again. thus i've set up a new blog to house them :) so far i only have 1 post there because i was too busy tweeking the HTML in the layout! anyhow it won't be a full fledge blog since i only have so many jewelry in hand and i don't see the number increasing in the near future!!! not until i have more pocket money to pay my friend to cast some more for me :))))) and i don't know if anyone is interested in hearing me rave about the powers of crystal healing and channeling :)))))) i haven't done it for a long time now... i should start talking to my crystals again :)

you can get to "silver & stones" from here :)


  1. What a fascinating story on your jewelry. Yes, please share more when you can. Love it! xxoo

  2. Oh this is wonderful Luthien! I'll have to check out your new blog. Years ago I started in jewelry making with the same wax designs you referred to, loved that work! It's wonderful you have a friend to take your ideas and turn them into reality.

    Oh, and crystals? Love them, use them all the time and they're plentiful around the house... you wouldn't bore me a bit. ;-) Wishing you a beautiful weekend my friend♥

  3. oh sharon... you have used the lost wax technique as well? i think that is so so cool. i'll love to learn that one day... from my friend i should think. she does classes. though now she's busy setting up her shop :)


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