Nov 6, 2008

DIY earrings - bracelet holder

taking up from my last post "secretly looking for craft stuff"

hehehe... it's finally done :) my DIY 2-in-1 earrings and bracelet holder :) let me take you through the journey through the photos i took :)

the materials :

1. ikea chopping board :) 14 x 9 1/2 inches
or any wooden base any size of your wish, you just have to adjust the other measurements

2. 2 pieces of chicken wire - cut to size 25 x 13 inches each

3. garden stack 1 inch thick (or any similar square wooden sticks) - cut to 2 pieces of 8 inches length

4. bamboo pole (or any similar round poles) - cut to 2 pieces of 11 1/2 inches length

5. polyester underlay (use for quilting)

6. leftover fabric, ribbons, needle and thread

7. drill, drill bit for wood

8. needle nose pliers

9. staple gun

10. screws, hooks, alan key

11. can of white spray

12. paint brushes and paint if you want to paint the base, varnish to finish

13. sewing machine (or you can do this by hand)

14. all purpose glue

the steps :

1. gather the materials

2. cut everything to size, drill the holes, spray white

- drill 2 holes on back of chopping board - center, 9 inches apart
- drill holes at one end of 8 inch square stack

- curl edge of chicken wire with needle nose pliers before spraying

3. design templates, transfer pattern on base, paint your base. or if you prefer, you can use rubber stamps, or glue a piece of pretty fabric on it or just leave it plain.

- if you paint, remember to finish with 2 coats of varnish

4. assemble the chicken wire pieces to both sides of the base (fold about 2 inches of chicken wire to the bottom of the base) and secure with staple gun

5. weave the edges of the 2 pieces of chicken wire together to your best ability :p

6. you will have something that resembles a basket :)

7. now, assemble the bracelet holder - cut underlay 8 x 8 inches , glue to bamboo poles and roll

8. roughly sew up the underlay and make 2 covers (similar to a tiny bolster case)

9. slip covers on and fasten with ribbons

10. assemble the 8 inch stacks
- attach hooks as shown (note that i found some shorter screws :)

now we're ready to assemble the complete project

11. attach the stacks with hooks to the base (i used alan key screws)

there you go! my DIY earrings and bracelet holder with a dash of shabby chic :) lots of chicken wire to hold all of my earrings (believe me... i have more) and at the moment, my bracelets can go into these 2 'kebab-lookin' holders in the center (just about enough... this is not all i have :D ) if i buy more in the future, there is still space for 2 more 'kebabs' !!

and if one day i decide not to use this as an accessories holder anymore, i can always remove the the stacks inside (that's the reason i used alan key screws ... they can be easily removed :) this trick i learn from buying ikea :p)

i can then use it as a normal basket for my stationery or in my kitchen, and it'll still look pretty :D

here are the patterns for you and :) click on it to enlarge and print using your browser's toolbar :)

happy pimping! :)


  1. Nice, sweet and creative...nvr tot cud do something like this at home...
    thanks for sharing the ideas...sure i will visit ur blog often for more ideas..


  2. thank you liza :) pls come again :)

  3. You are just too creative, I love this!

  4. thank you sunday girl :) i love it when a project turns out just the way i imagined it in my head :))))) sometimes it can be a disaster!

  5. Chick-a-WOW-wow! I LOVE this! It's happy and fun (colorful!) and oh-so-creative! Plus, you can hang a LOT of jewelry on that baby -- hey, I think I see a few bare spots. Do you need MORE baubles? *wink* I love the fact that you can multi-purpose this too. You ARE such a clever girl! The wait to see this was well worth it. It's terrific! :-)

  6. hehehe! thank you jen! your comment here just made it all worth it! the many times i got poked and scratched by the wretched chicken wire! :p and believe me ... i've got MORE things to hang on it :D... have a great day! i'm sure most of america will now :)

  7. Cute Cute Cute. My niece would love to have one of these as well as all my sisters. Since crusty potters can't wear much jewelry, I would love it to keep all my papers and mail that get scattered around. I may have to have a basket/jewelry holder making day with my niece and her mom.

  8. hello leanne :)
    thanks for coming over. wonderful! make a couple of baskets/jewelry holders and post it in the blog :) would love to see how they turn out! someone else suggested that it can be used as a hair clip and scroungy holder... i thought that was a great idea! have fun!

  9. Very nice! I particularly love the pattern. So fresh and fun. You've got a great eye and a very creative soul. Thanks for sharing. xxoo

  10. hello carolyn :)
    thank you for coming over! thank you very much for the wonderful and encouraging comment. pls come again :) God bless.

  11. I love this idea and especially love the textured doors you did. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment!

  12. hello catherine :)
    thanks for coming over and thank you for the inspirations and encouragement :) pls come again :) God bless.

  13. Wow! If only I had your talent and imagination.

    You are a great artist.


  14. thank you melissa :) thank you so much for that lovely comment and your support for this blog :)

  15. wow ,its so nice ,i love all ideas ,and the patterns are so beautiful,thanks for sharing this great idea

  16. thank you vartina :) thanks for the lovely comments and thanks for coming over :) hope to see you here again :))))

  17. Really smart!!! Thanks!! Hope this helps sort out my clutter! =D

  18. LOVE it! I actually just finished making one of these myself AND painted mine a tealish color too! Following you now!

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