Nov 27, 2008

creative awakening or madness?

i cannot make this out. i've been creating non-stop for the past 2 days. i created quite a number of things or so it seems to me. i painted ... no i didn't only paint... that's the problem. i think i am all of a sudden being taken over by mixed media. i dunno if this is mixed media... you tell me. i've been doing a lot of collage work + painting with the brush + messing up the paint with my bare hands. but mostly i've been doing a lot of thinking and feeling. and i am feeling free and fulfilled... now as i write this, and happy... although my thoughts are disjointed...

i actually made 4 friendship tags. i should have taken pictures of the tag cut out when i bought them, but i forgot. they are actually luggage tags measuring 5 x 31/2 inches. but i thought calling them my friendship tags (as in 'you've been tagged!' ... LOL) seem more meaningful because i made them thinking of friends and warmth and spirit of christmas, a time when people come together in love and friendship.

the 4 friendship tags i made are very different. since i started blogging, i've been here everyday and reading stuff that everyone writes, never missing even one post. although i've never met any of you, i feel a certain closeness to the friends i've made here. funnily, when i was in my 2-day creative madness i thought of 4 of my blogger friends. that is why the 4 tags came out so different.

please... don't kill me if you don't like the friendship tags inspired by you!

inspired by jen (technicolor cottage)

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vibrant, full of energy, sunny, zesty, colorful :) when i think of you, i think of summer... all year round, filled with laughter and joy :) i also thought 'french' ... dunno why. i kept looking for french music score and i found this. only later did i find out that it is the france's national anthem! but at least, it's definitely french!

a combination of paper and paint

inspired by sunday girl (the crafty corner)

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lol! patchwork, tote, charming, ice cream :) there was no way this is not inspired by you, sunday girl :) when i think of you, i think of home, cotton candy, warmth and cosiness...

a combination of paint and fabric... and epoxy buttons?

inspired by melissa (sunbonnet cottage)

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sweet melissa, thoughtful and romantic, and filled with love :) when i think of you i think of jane austen and her heroins. i think of the relationship you have with your lovely husband and your love story :)

a combination of paper and paint

inspired by carolyn (harbor hon)

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lol! carolyn, i must admit that when i think of you so many things come into my mind. as such, this tag was a long creative process for me :) but i finally decided on - one side the sailor's wheel (for obvious reasons!), travel, old world, steadfast and peace. and the other side - the wacky, naughty and playful side which i see a lot in your posts :)

combination of paint and paper
* image of sun and moon you see is created by richard neuman and is used only for my personal projects and/or as gifts and not sold for profit

these 4 friendship tags i created was a really deep and absorbing process for me. it was like me and a friend sharing a creative process together. and i didn't want to stop, hence the 2-day madness. i love all the 4 tags, it's all different but to me they all tell a story :) i hope i haven't offended any of you in any way... if i have i'm really sorry. i just wanna thank you for being you, and just by being you, you've inspired me in this very unique and fulfilling process... these 4 designs will be somewhat like a master key because i know there will be other creations coming from them...

happy pimping! :)


  1. Luthien,

    You are the sweetest, kindest and most creative person I know. (Even though we have never met in person, I just absolutely adore you).

    I love all of the tags you made. They are gorgeous. I think you have all 4 of us down perfectly.

    Do you celebrate Thanksgiving in Malaysia? Even if you do not, I still wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.

    By the way, I cooked this afternoon. It came out awful. Actually, beyond awful. I tried making those mini cheeseburgers and I could not tell when the meat was browned and I left the dough out too long and it dried out. I'm afraid to say that cooking will never be my thing.

    Thank you for being my dear sweet friend. I value your friendship more than you will ever know.

    Much love.


  2. Dear Luthien,
    I am in tears! I have never seen such a beautiful tag, and to think I am the one who inspired you to paint it. I love the peace sign inside the ship's wheel and your post saying why you did it took my breath away. All the others are so lovely too. May I post the pictures of my tag on my blog? You are just the sweetest soul. I am glad to have 'met' you and proud to call you friend.

    Thank you for thinking of me, I will never forget it. xxoo

  3. dear dear ladies, i'm just so glad to call you my friends :) you may not know it but you bring a lot of joy to my life... i look forward to reading what you have to say, how you feel each day.

    like... i giggle (very cruel of me) when melissa tells me she made a 'beyond awful' dinner... not because she made an awful dinner but because i picture her looking flustered as she discovers her not-so-perfect burgers :p then i picture myself in the same situation because i can't cook as well... it just cracks me up.. sorry :ppp but i suspect you are exaggerating just a little. i'm sure they are not that bad! and no... we don't celebrate thanksgiving here but thank you for the well wishes :) hope you and you family have a great thanksgiving too :)

    carolyn, i am so touched by your comment! i didn't expect it to affect you so much but i feel so glad in the heart. it's like a sort of acknowledgment that i'm feeling it right, feeling you right :) i'm just really really glad and contented about all the 4 tags :) of course you can post it in your blog :) i made it in honor of you :) but i didn't really 'paint' it as you've said... it's a lot of decoupage images there...all i did was put the images together and do background work :) i'm not THAT good!!! have a good weekend and happy thanksgiving :) God bless...

  4. Luthien,

    I am so sorry. When I made up my list of award recipients, I thought I had you on my list. This morning,I went back in and added you to the list.

    There are three awards waiting for you at my blog.

    Again, thank you for being my friend.

    Love Melissa

  5. Luthien,

    You are so cute. I am so happy that I was able to pass these awards onto you. You are most deserving of them.

    Right, just copy the awards into your post and you can award them onto whomever you like. Also, some people post their awards on their sidebar.

    Love Melissa

  6. I have been looking around at blogs and came across yours. I am a creative freak, never stopping the cutting and glueing and embellishing....come and visit my blog and look at the post from a couple of days ago "Forever Altered" and see what I do to old books. I think you would love it. Carol

  7. Luthien, my friend, to say that I am overwhelmed by your kindness and touched by your thoughts of me would be a vast understatement! You are without a doubt the most CREATIVE person I know, and not only are all of these tags incredibly gorgeous, but the thoughtfulness behind them -- well, I am left without adequate words to express how very touched I am! "My" tag is, of course, my favorite (LOL!)! I absolutely ADORE the sunflowers juxtaposed onto the beautiful vintage piece of music. And if I can manage to halfway live up to the amazingly kind words you've associated with me, then I think I'll be doing A-ok.

    You are SUCH a lovely person, and I'm so glad that I know you!


  8. OMG jen! what a wonderful wonderful thing to say! i am just so touched by your words... i'm touched by everyone's words... i can cry... all i can say is thank you and that i really really enjoyed creating these tags with each of you in mind. this memory will always stay with me... i just hope that i'll have more of these 'awakenings' further on in my creative journey :)

  9. A site you might be interested in - talk about all your rafty obsessions there, and you can totally pimp out your blog too.

  10. Yes, it's a forum for creative people, basically. :) Showing off your stuff, asking for help, discussing things...

  11. Dear Luthien,
    You are such a talented, beautiful person. These tags are gorgeous and I think they fit their recipients so perfectly, judging my their blogs. How do you do it. I love them and I love the time and effort you put into them. Thank you for being my friend.

  12. thank you sunday girl and thank you for the post you put out about it and the awards :) you are too kind! :))) basically they are just painted :) with added materials like paper and ink and yours i added fabric and buttons (epoxy ones) :) not difficult to do but really enjoyable :)


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Luthien :)