Nov 29, 2008

golden bog award?

LOL! i just received another award... golden bog award... goodness knows i have no idea what it means ... all i know is bog means swamp? correct? no? so am i a swamp thing? anyway... thank you mr argentum vulgaris (or more commonly known as AV) for asking me to grab this from his blog nether region of the earth II. if you are brave enough, please go visit him at this blog and/or another called tomas arcanum.

AV does a lot of interesting articles in his blogs. he talks about everything under the sun... and his knowledge is unbelieveable! there are plenty of things that i learnt from reading him :) but not always for the faint hearted :) his articles are sometimes cute, interesting, full of information, earth friendly, righteous and makes you laugh... and sometimes they are cynical, satirical, dark, makes you think twice about things we tend to brush aside and makes you feel angry (not with AV of course :) ) but i can conclude that AV has a real good heart and that's what's important :))) no offence AV :)

thanks for the award AV but you must forgive me for not passin it on... cos i really dunno who to pass it on to :)))

Nov 28, 2008

sun & moon & thank you sweet melissa!

i have been having some sort of dilemma with copyright. it all began when i started my journey on collage making, which was the last post! i've never had to think of copyright so far because all the work i post here are my own. and then when i started working with paper, naturally i get most of my images from magazines or the internet. and then it dawned upon me that i am actually using pieces of other people's creation or work in my art. hmm...... the most prominent one was an image of a sun & moon i got off the net belonging to an artist named richard neuman. it's a good thing that the art i made was not in anyway going to be used for profit making (ie. selling) so i hope mr neuman won't be too pissed with me and i've also added his link in that post (and here) for using his sun & moon image.

so this got me thinking. i really like sun & moon. not just mr neuman's sun & moon... but any sun and moon images remind me of the time i spent in england studying. it was also a time when i was first introduced to crystal healing and new age stuff. so i'm guessing... i'm gonna be using a lot of sun & moon images in the near future because i'm liking collage and mixed media a lot. maybe i should just CREATE the images i think i'm gonna be using a lot. then i'm just using my own paintings and wouldn't have this knawing feeling that i'm 'stealing' someone else's work.

last night... i painted these for starters... on small pieces of canvas.

i scanned them into the computer and wallah! i get my individual sun and moon images where i can use in my collage without guilt...

then i went a step further and put the 2 images together using a software called GIMP.

now i can have my sun and moon together in one image :))) and then, of course i had a naughty thought ... i put a watermark on them :DDDDD (rubbing hands in glee!!) LOL! i feel like a naughty girl who found some cotton candy and hiding it from mommy!

all in all i am quite pleased with this endeavor :)

and sweet melissa doubled the joy by sending me 3 awards! imagine... it is 3 or 4 am in the morning (my place) ... i just finished painting the sun and the moon, and feeling 'high' from wrestling with GIMP, trying and finally succeeded in putting the 2 images together, had a broad grin on my face when i printed the thumbnails out... then i see this little "1 inbox" appearing in my gmail tab. melissa of sunbonnet cottage has left me a comment saying that she's awarded me with not 1 but 3 awards! my goodness! i went into sunbonnet cottage and stared at my name and awards for quite a bit... first feeling excited and happy, then puzzled... now... what am i suppose to do? me being silly me... never been given awards before... stared at the 3 awards for like 5 minutes. then i scrolled through melissa's blog and saw that she's put the awards on the sidebar! LIGHTBULB! comes on... oh... i see.... then i wrote melissa a thank you message and reconfirmed on what i think should be done with the awards :)))))

i copied and pasted the awards into my computer. i remember telling myself... i'll do this tomorrow :) by this time i was "floating" ... needed to sleep... but i was feeling really really smug with everything! the sun, the moon and sweet melissa's awards! happy thanksgiving to me :) the psyche is well fed :)))))

and now *DRUMROLLS!* i pass these 3 awards to:

sharon of mana moon studios
balego of frayed brushes
AV of tomus arcanum
sf of reduced footprints
sunday girl of the crafty corner
sue of the corner garden
maryjane of the beehive cottage
rose of what i made today
carolyn of harbor hon
(carolyn i know you already go this from melissa :) but awards are never too many :)

everyone who's receiving these three awards have touched my life in certain ways and i thank you for just being you and for all the wonderful things you do and write about.

steps to claim the awards:

1. copy and paste them your blog
2. mention the awards in one of your post
3. pass the love on
4. tell 'em you love them :) (leave them a message to tell them to claim the awards :) )

happy pimping ! :)

Nov 27, 2008

creative awakening or madness?

i cannot make this out. i've been creating non-stop for the past 2 days. i created quite a number of things or so it seems to me. i painted ... no i didn't only paint... that's the problem. i think i am all of a sudden being taken over by mixed media. i dunno if this is mixed media... you tell me. i've been doing a lot of collage work + painting with the brush + messing up the paint with my bare hands. but mostly i've been doing a lot of thinking and feeling. and i am feeling free and fulfilled... now as i write this, and happy... although my thoughts are disjointed...

i actually made 4 friendship tags. i should have taken pictures of the tag cut out when i bought them, but i forgot. they are actually luggage tags measuring 5 x 31/2 inches. but i thought calling them my friendship tags (as in 'you've been tagged!' ... LOL) seem more meaningful because i made them thinking of friends and warmth and spirit of christmas, a time when people come together in love and friendship.

the 4 friendship tags i made are very different. since i started blogging, i've been here everyday and reading stuff that everyone writes, never missing even one post. although i've never met any of you, i feel a certain closeness to the friends i've made here. funnily, when i was in my 2-day creative madness i thought of 4 of my blogger friends. that is why the 4 tags came out so different.

please... don't kill me if you don't like the friendship tags inspired by you!

inspired by jen (technicolor cottage)

click to enlarge
vibrant, full of energy, sunny, zesty, colorful :) when i think of you, i think of summer... all year round, filled with laughter and joy :) i also thought 'french' ... dunno why. i kept looking for french music score and i found this. only later did i find out that it is the france's national anthem! but at least, it's definitely french!

a combination of paper and paint

inspired by sunday girl (the crafty corner)

click to enlarge
lol! patchwork, tote, charming, ice cream :) there was no way this is not inspired by you, sunday girl :) when i think of you, i think of home, cotton candy, warmth and cosiness...

a combination of paint and fabric... and epoxy buttons?

inspired by melissa (sunbonnet cottage)

click to enlarge
sweet melissa, thoughtful and romantic, and filled with love :) when i think of you i think of jane austen and her heroins. i think of the relationship you have with your lovely husband and your love story :)

a combination of paper and paint

inspired by carolyn (harbor hon)

click to enlarge
lol! carolyn, i must admit that when i think of you so many things come into my mind. as such, this tag was a long creative process for me :) but i finally decided on - one side the sailor's wheel (for obvious reasons!), travel, old world, steadfast and peace. and the other side - the wacky, naughty and playful side which i see a lot in your posts :)

combination of paint and paper
* image of sun and moon you see is created by richard neuman and is used only for my personal projects and/or as gifts and not sold for profit

these 4 friendship tags i created was a really deep and absorbing process for me. it was like me and a friend sharing a creative process together. and i didn't want to stop, hence the 2-day madness. i love all the 4 tags, it's all different but to me they all tell a story :) i hope i haven't offended any of you in any way... if i have i'm really sorry. i just wanna thank you for being you, and just by being you, you've inspired me in this very unique and fulfilling process... these 4 designs will be somewhat like a master key because i know there will be other creations coming from them...

happy pimping! :)

Nov 23, 2008

just roses

i'm glad to say that i have gotten over the magnetic paint incident. i went to the hardware shop yesterday and bought a bundle of zinc. so i'm going to glue the zinc plates (which i already cut) to the cut-out palette instead. when i'm done i'll post some pictures. i have 6 to do :)))))

i posted some of my roses pictures in the gardenweb - tole and painting forum... a forum which i follow closely :) here are some of them.

this first one is painted using the one stroke technique. it is what it says... a "toilet" signage. it's now hanging on top of the toilet door in my friend's ballet school :) this is the only picture i have of it... because i didn't think of taking close ups.

this second one is a tissue holder. i've always been painting one stroke roses, but this particular one is painted using the 'normal' painting technique... which i find a lot harder to do. my first attempt at shading and highlights, that is why the roses look a little stark. the shading and highlights have too much contrast to them and the blending work is not at all subtle! ... it's not a failed project but just doesn't look as convincing as it should be :) anyhow i put a lot of work in this so i still like it :)

i kept this last because it has a story to tell :) this last one is again painted using the one stroke technique. it's a biscuit tin i recycled. i really enjoy painting this particular style of roses especially when i couple them with a crackle background... they give me a wild abandonment, passionate and romantic feeling. i call them my "dirty roses" :p on one side of this tin, which i'm not going to show here, is an sms message sent to me by my then boyfriend, now hubby :) it was a message that made me cry and decide to marry him :) so this tin is pretty dear to me... "dirty roses", sms message, wild abandonment and all... LOL!!!

hope you enjoy my roses and that little story there :)

happy weekend and happy pimping! :)

Nov 22, 2008

just a note on a new blog

in the last few days, i've been going through a lot of jewelry blogs. it started with mana moon studios ... i kept going back to look at the neckless she made for the competition. somehow greens always attract me. and that flower center piece ... i cannot imagine a bead can be so exquisitely beautiful... hmm... the beading community would probably kill me for making this statement! then one thing led to another and i went from link to link until i got lost in blogsphere! but when i finally came out, i thought of my own jewelry.

there was one point in my life, i was designing quite a few pieces of jewelry. not for sale ... just to satisfy the psyche. i was fascinated with natural crystals and i had a real cool collection of stones. i was working a lot with healing energy of crystals as well, so that went hand in hand. i had a friend who is a fantastic silversmith. she uses the lost wax casting technique in her art. so i sent my designs and my stones to her. i have always been a silver person so it was perfect!

i brought them all out from the jewelry box and fell in love again. thus i've set up a new blog to house them :) so far i only have 1 post there because i was too busy tweeking the HTML in the layout! anyhow it won't be a full fledge blog since i only have so many jewelry in hand and i don't see the number increasing in the near future!!! not until i have more pocket money to pay my friend to cast some more for me :))))) and i don't know if anyone is interested in hearing me rave about the powers of crystal healing and channeling :)))))) i haven't done it for a long time now... i should start talking to my crystals again :)

you can get to "silver & stones" from here :)

Nov 21, 2008

magnetic paint... a disaster...

yesterday i went to a new an arts and crafts shop and spent a small fortune on craft stuff. i read somewhere that there is a paint called "magnetic paint" which can turn anything (practically) into magnetic surface, walls, wood, plastic etc... so i decided to get a can and try it out... since the reviews i read on "magnetic paint" were quite good. i also found this really cute paint palette cut-out and thought that it would be totally cute to turn them into little magnetic boards and give them away as christmas gifts.

i gathered from the guy at the desk that the magnetic paint only comes in 1 color. and after you've sprayed a couple of layers of the magnetic paint on your surface, you can top-coat it with normal paint in a color of your choice. and so i did according to the instructions.

well, i can tell you that i'm pretty unhappy with the result. the magnetic paint has certainly created a magnetic surface on the palette cut-out but it is very very weak. and there is like 10 coats of spray on that palette cut-out. it can hold only very very strong magnets and once you put a note between the magnet and the board... everything falls. so what's the use of a magnetic board that doesn't hold notes??

initially (after 5 coats) i thought i was doing something wrong and re -read the instructions. but no... everything was in place. then i thought perhaps the wood is porous. so i applied a coat of sealer and then sprayed it again with the magnetic paint. another 5 coats... still no difference. and to think that i still have to top-coat this... i don't think so... i really don't think anything will stick onto the palette after the top-coat. *sigh* what a waste of money and time...

i shall think of another way to construct the magnetic board because i still think a palette cut-out magnetic board is the cutest thing ever :) i am now looking at the option of zinc plates mounted on the palette and covered with fabric :) see if i can pull that off :)

conclusion: disappointed with "magnetic paint" !

not-so-happy pimping! :p

Nov 20, 2008

how to paint a sunflower

last week i painted an ikea malma mirror with sunflowers. a couple of ladies asked me to take them through the steps. i thought that it would be clearer if i drew up a rough instructional guide. i would like to share this instructional guide here. hope that it will help anyone who wants to try and paint a sunflower :)

the techniques i use :
> one stroke painting - round brush #6
> stipple work- stippling brush (or any old, stiff, flat top brush)
> dots work - stylus

the colors are from jo sonja, you will need a color converter chart if you are using another brand.
petals : yellow oxide, yellow light, warm white, yellow orange (orange cadmium), pale gold (optional)
center : brown earth, burnt umber, yellow oxide, yellow light, warm white, moss green

how to paint the petals :

click to enlarge

step 1 :
- draw a circle to represent the center of the flower
- proceed to paint the first layer of the petals. do this sparsely
- painting stroke is from out to in as shown by the arrow
- fully load round brush with yellow oxide. using the tip of the brush, start with a little wiggle then press (and spread) the whole brush down as you approach the flower center. that's how you get the thin to thick stroke of the petal (as shown in the picture below)

wiggle with the tip of brush

and press

step 2 :
- using the same stroke technique, paint the 2nd color : yellow light
- occasionally half load the brush with yellow oxide to give the petals a 2 dimensional color

step 3 :
- add the 3rd color warm white
- maintain yellow light as main color. fully load brush with yellow light, and *tip* the brush with warm white. use the same stroke and you will get the variegated look on the petals

*tip* - tipping is to fully load the brush with one color and then adding a dash of another color just at the tip of the brush



step 4 :
- add the 4th color yellow orange or if you want a more dramatic look, cadmium orange
- by this stage your sunflower petals are almost done. therefore the orange is used just for tipping and a little variation.

*experiment with full loading, half and half loading and tipping, and your petals will be alive with variegation :) my art teacher told us to keep the brush somewhat dirty, that means don't wash the brush clean when you go from one color to another. when the colors mix, that's when the magic happens :)

now for the center of the flower :

click to enlarge

step 1 :
- base the center of the flower with a medium brown color. i use brown earth here

step 2 :
- use the *stippling* technique to stipple the outside of the circle a darker shade of brown: burnt umber
- stipple the inside of the circle with yellow oxide and then in the very middle, a little moss green
- blend the colors so the shade goes from dark to light

*stippling is done with a flat stiff brush (any old brush will do). load color on a rather dry brush and start pounding the brush on the place you want to stipple. the effect will be an uneven scruffy looking layer of paint. usually used to create a fuzzy effect like teddy bear fur or the center of a flower.


step 3 :
- use a stylus, or any round tip apparatus
- add dots in yellow light, warm white, moss green to the center of the flower

stylus and dot work

and you are done!

here is an example of the mirror i painted :)

for the extra glow, as this is going to be a christmas gift, i added an extra color and tipped some of the upper petals with pale gold. i also *spattered* the flowers with diluted pale gold to create the stardust effect.

*spatter - loading the paint on a toothbrush and running your thumb through the brush to create little spatter dots. like we did as kids in school :)

hope this is enough information for those of you who wants to try painting a sunflower :) but in anything, practice makes perfect!

happy pimping! :)

Nov 18, 2008

my freezer paper has arrived!

yeah! my freezer paper is finally here from ebay :)

yes! i have to buy freezer paper from ebay. i searched the whole city, all the tesco-es, all the cold storage-s, all the carrefour-s... i can't find no freezer paper. let's face it, this country i live in doesn't use freezer paper. so i had to buy from ebay. it arrived today... the whole 3 yards of it :) and thus... tonight i'm going to try and print some fabrics ... my own design, on our hp bubble jet :) yeah!!!!!! wish me luck because i just recently read about this technique...

on to the next thing... i found a couple of really pretty and easy ideas from the september issue of martha stewart's living. so i thought i would like to share them with you :)

clipboard art

these are just normal clip files that you can buy from the stores. by just pasting some pretty paper on them, and a bit of imagination and color combination... wallah! how pretty and practical. i just love ideas like these... simple to make, pretty and most importantly, practical :)

here are the instructions, if you need them. but i think by just looking at them you would already know how they are made :)

pin cushions

another brilliant idea. i for one always have problems identifying my sewing needles. most of the time i'll have to find the tiny number etched on the needle. but by making designated pin cushions to keep track of the needles ie. denim pin cushion for denim needles, woven fabric pin cushion for woven fabric needles etc... you'll never loose track again. i would go one more step, and string the cushions together into a chain then hang it on the wall or something, so i won't have the cushions all over the place in my sewing box. if you want to be organize, then be organized :)

hope you find these ideas useful as well :)

happy pimping! :)
i know i would be... pimping fabrics tonight :)))))))

Nov 14, 2008


i've been tagged by reduce footprints (erm.. thank you ... i guess...)

learning what being tagged is and being tagged happened to me within 2 seconds of each other. you don't understand this statement? well... neither do i... but what i'm supposed to do is to write a post on being tagged, write 8 facts/habits about myself, tag 8 other blogger friends and notify them :) so here you are...

the facts:
  1. i'm a piscean... and not ashamed :) (that's for you AV!)
  2. i'm a dance choreographer ... aha!
  3. i'm a part-time actress... my latest sitcom is on our local TV now :) but most of you won't be able to watch it because
  4. i'm from malaysia :)))))
  5. my dream is to have an english country cottage in the lake district, england
  6. what i really want to be ... is an elf living in middle earth
  7. i'm in love with viggo mortensen, james mcavoy and since the day before... daniel craig :)
  8. i like celtic music :) and riverdance

the bloggers i'm going to tag (please don't hate me!) :
  1. Argentum Vulgaris at Tomus Arcanum (i'm sorry AV! you're gonna have to do this twice... differently... the rules did not say i can't tag you even after sf has :))))))) )
  2. Jen at Technicolor Cottage (you knew this was coming :) )
  3. Rose at What I Made Today
  4. Melissa at Sunbonnet Cottage
  5. Zom at Pinch Me To See If You Are Dreaming
  6. Sunday Girl at The Crafty Corner
  7. Carolyn at Harbor Hon
  8. Sharon at Mana Moon Studios

and now for the rules of the game :

  1. each player starts with eight random fact/habits about themselves.
  2. people who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
  3. at the end of your blog post, you need to tag eight people and list their names.
  4. don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’ve been tagged and to read your blog.
remember to come back and leave me a comment after you've done your 'duty' :)))))

happy tagging! :)

Nov 13, 2008


the body is merely a vessel
reducible, degradable
fleeting, as moment
transient, as life

the mind and the spirit
reside within the transient
steadfast and sacred
define our worth

you can break my body
but you cannot break my spirit...

* fantasy art by luis royo

Nov 9, 2008

of flowers, fruits and country farm

here are 3 of my favorite decorative art projects :)

of flowers...

liliums are my mom's favorite flowers. when i saw this pattern, i couldn't resist not doing anything with it :) this pattern was for a tray actually, but i painted it on this milk tin instead. the liliums required dry brushing techniques (you can see it on the leaves and the petals) and that's where i learnt this technique for the first time :) come to think of it... i've never really used dry brushing after this... hmmm...

of fruits...

i saw some fruit patterns and i thought they would look really nice on placemats. these are ikea placemats made from cork. i stuck a piece of fabric at the bottom (which makes it a little slippery) because i didn't want the cork to fall apart with time!

of country farm...

this one is my first attempt at painting a country farm scene. it has always been flowers so i thought... hmmm... country farm for a change :) and my! what horrors await me :p... first, i had a real difficult time doing all the hills in different greens. at that time i only had like 2 green paints, i had to mix 6 different greens out of the 2 tubes! after that, it took me like a week just to get the layers smooth and the shadows and highlights right! phew! then it was putting the details in (personally i think the cow is too big :) ) i finished it off with a little aging using wood stain. after completing this project i remember saying i'm not doing another country farm! ... but this piece became my favorite piece of all time. i must do another country farm one of these days :)

happy pimping! :)