Oct 16, 2008

recycle and pimp 1 - glass containers

an empty kraft cheese bottle sitting on my kitchen worktop. i love collecting empty glass containers especially jam containers with embossed details on the sides. it will be a shame to throw them away just like that. so i recycle them. me being me, how could i ignore the chance of pimping them as well :)

there was a time when i was crazy about sunflowers.

and then there was the daisy craze... :)))

pimping covers are very easy to do. it needn't be a complicated design. it needn't be a sunflower. it needn't be daisies. it just has to be you :)

i use waterbase acrylic paint on these.

tip : since the bottle tops are metal, you must first scuff them with medium grit sandpaper. then wash all the dust away and make sure it's really dry. otherwise the insides might rust. paint a coat of 'all-purpose-sealer' and let it dry. i use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. then mix your base coat with the sealer 1:1 and proceed painting. dry between coats and if you are a perfectionist, sand between the coats with fine sandpaper for a smooth and perfect base.

after you are satisfied with your base coats (usually 2 to 3 coats), proceed with your personal design. i recommend you draw it on a paper first to make sure the design fits the bottle cover. then transfer the design with transfer paper onto your bottle top. you can even use a stencil and just stencil your design on :) easy!

after you are done and is totally satisfied, let your work-of-art dry (usually overnight), then apply a coat or 2 of varnish over it. varnish is to protect your design from wearing and tearing. it also somewhat enhances it. varnishes come in 3 types, gloss, satin and matte. i personally prefer satin varnish because it is not too glossy but still gives the art work some 'glow'.

happy pimping! :)


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  2. hey mindy,
    i'm so sorry I accidentally deleted your comment...devastated! I'm still new at this :(

    But here is what you said,
    "Hi Luthien!Great art work...love it,love,love it!I'm adding u to my link!"

    it's a good thing i still have it in my email :)

    Thanks for the nice comment and thanks for the add! i really appreciate it :)))))))))

  3. ooh ... what I meant was wat material I need to buy ? For instance, the waterbase acrylic, sandpaper ..

    What is "all-purpose-sealer"?

    I think you should do a simple lessons on your blog and show us the steps in photo:) That would be easier :) And can you also take photo of the material you use ?!?

    Ok, I will post this also in your new blog ... hehe ... but you have to keep update your multiply too so that I will know you have something new there at your new blog !


  4. hi carol :)
    ok... i really think i should write a post detailing how the covers are done since quite a few people have asked me already :)

    well for starters, "all-purpose-sealer" is what the name says :) seals everything... sort of like a primer or base coat only transparent. i used it here because the covers are made from metal so if i am just gonna paint waterbase acrylic paint on them, they won't stick. so i put a coat of sealer (of course you still have to scuff the metal first) then mix the sealer with the paint as well. this will most definitely make the paint stick to the cover :) hope it answers your question. all purpose sealer works on wood, cork and tin as well :)



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